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right now Chosen One is a potnas-only download. if ur a Potna u can get it on the Potnas board. people need 2 realize how rare it is and how much money people spended 2 get this track. we cant just give it 2 any Bob who walks in if we dont trust them cuz then they might spread it all over the internet and that wouldnt be good!

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We're all fans of JJFP why cant they listen to it again? if ya'll didnt want to share it why put it up once and then put it back down str8 away, thats just stupid, so anyone who does want we wont or chosen one, pm me ill give it ya'll

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Joe: the original poster "Cyrano" put it up here and didn't know any better. it was an innocent mistake on his part. then Tim asked him 2 take it down. i've been generous enough to re-upload it 4 the potnas when nobody else has. if u want 2 talk 2 Tim about why every1 can't have access 2 all the rare stuff then u go and do that cuz it's his board and i'm just followin the rules

Big K: probably not, but we can re-upload it if we need 2!

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