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we share stuff on this site and if u want something u have to give something back to the community. A lot of ppl wanna take advantage of stuff and just take it. I dunno about every1 else but it takes me quite a while of my free time to put videos up to share with other ppl.

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I listen to it once. I dont download it. I think thats fair enough and if i like them songs in which i do i will buy them. But it is hard to find them where i live where there isnt even a record store in my town. And all the sites I go on dont have them in stock or never heard of JJFP albums...so it must be a damn hard job tryin to collect the B side when i cant find a JJFP album except from Greteast Hits!

o I definitely feel you man in my city is the same way i hardly find 'Platinum & Gold Collection' and 'Before the Willennium' and thats was all from JJFP but i am glad my cousin have work in USA so she buy me all the albums and thats way the only way to got them so i am very thankful to her .

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