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Come on folks, do your research.

Well, years ago, i DID do my research. Apparently whoever put 2gether a site on FP assumed he created that clothing line. Then another webmaster probably stole that assumption from that site and put it on theirs and it snowballed. But after the research i did 2day...u r right!! :thumb:

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Men I like that shirt.

I really really really want will to start a clothing line,

I know he isn't the smart pants with fashion, but jada is.

Anyway I like almost all the things will wears.

I don't buy clothes here and t here, mostly I buy from 1 place, or 1 brand,

at the moment I only buy clothes from Nike, mostly,

and if will can put up such a clothing line, well I'd be shopping my azz (oops :speechless: )

If will does open a clothing line, I HOPE HOPE HOPE he puts up

those silver neckladges, max described them as dog chains I guess haha


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