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U wanna know the worst part, i wazn't gonna bug Jeff while he waz spinin'...but i waz gonna stay until he waz finished and see if he had a second 2 chill or ask if he needed help packin' up. Well, when i left the block party 2 a second (2 get the ultra crappy camera used 2 take this picture), my friend Russ talked 2 him 4 a second and Jeff said we could hang out 4 a bit and he'd sign some stuff 4 me. I got back and we had 2 cut out early cuz my girlfriend had 2 be home by a certain time (and we were 5 hours away from home). After we got home, my friend Russ told me what Jeff said. I could have killed him. I would have told my girlfriend 2 walk!! j/k :cwm:

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