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will feat 2 pac and biggie

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I don't really like Biggie but if P. Diddy and Will are cool, i'm sure he could use a recycled rap if he wanted 2. I don't think it would make much sense tho'...Biggie didn't write stuff that would go along with anything Will writes about.

I would love a 2Pac colabo tho'. I could totally see a track like "Afro Angel" being put 2gether. Since Will isnt' gonna allow any explict lyrics on his album, 2Pac could be possible since he did write music without cussing occasionally. Will and 2Pac were friends while he waz alive and 2Pac like 2 stir things up when he recorded trax, so if he waz never murdered, they may have worked 2gether in the future. 2Pac actually recorded 2 or 3 trax with M.C. Hammer back in 1996 that were never released...i've been hoping they'd come out forever.

The murders of 2Pac and Biggie are actually what inspired Will 2 come back out. Hip-Hop and Rap fans were ready 4 some lighter, more fun stuff.
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I just can't see them takin' a recycled B.I.G. rap and having Will write something 2 it and having it make sense. With 2Pac, it's still a stretch but i could see it being pulled off well. Just my opinion.
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Guest Prince
Now, Will and 2Pac I would like to see. I can imagine a deep, meaningful song being pulled off. Also, I think it would also be a good sales boost... :dancingcool:
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I would like to see a 2pac and JJFP combo. I wonder why this never happened. I have a few questions for AJ.


1. Did 2pac and Will ever speak highly of each other and like did they ever hang out or whatever in life?

2. What are some 2pac songs without him cussing? I know Changes doesnt have any but what are more good ones?
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Changes does cuss

a good example of a song of 2pac not cussing is "Until the end of time" theres one, and will smith always spoke highly of 2pac

it was funny in FPOBA when he says 2 carlton "yeah you also thought 2pac shakur was a jewish holiday"

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I have an article from 1997 when Will talked about 2Pac and Biggie and gave them both props. He raved about how 2Pac may record some explict stuff, but that some of it is genious...that he waz years in2 study about some of his topics. It's funny cuz he actually goes on talking about "Wonda Why They Call U B!+C#" (which happens 2 be one of my fav trax off All Eyez On Me). Will went on 2 breifly talk about the time him and 2Pac spent 2gether. So yes, they were friends...espeially since Jada and 2pac were best friends. I'll try 2 look up that article this week and type up the part about 2pac and Biggie.

Off the top of my head, the trax i can think of where 2Pac doesn't cuss are Rebel of The Underground, When My Homies Call, I Get Around, Keep Ya Head Up, Dear Mama, Me Against The World, Temptations, California Love, Toss It Up, Do For Love, Better Dayz. In one of his last interviews (one with Slay during the shoot for "How Do You Want It," 2Pac talked about doing his next album very instrospective, all postiive, and clean. I really which that album happened. 2Pac often recorded alternate versions of his songs with no cussing like Pour Out A Little Liqure w/ Thug Life, Amerika's Most Wanted, How Do You Want It, I Ain't Mad At Cha, To Live & Die In L.A., etc.
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