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will smith... Name that line


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i already posted that one its legend of bagger vance.

here one thats hopefully new:!

"how the hell are cats gonna do this?"

we have had so many its hard to know if certain lines have been used. so if its a repeate sorry. but here is what i think:

Add FPOBA lines in as a new challenge.

what you all think?

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independence day

and yes let's add fresh prince lines, to the mix but you don't need to tell the title of the show just explain what happens in the episode if you don't know the episode name.

I will do the first fresh prince line:

(this should be easy it is on the first season dvd)

"you know I really liked that head!"

I just noticed this is my 400 th post yay for me!!!!!

let's have a party!!!!!!!! :jazzyinthehouse:

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thats the episode where Will and Carlton go to the one place i forget the city but they get arrested and Will dresses up as freddy kruger and stuff...............yea

here this is FPOB

this is a couple of line

Will-"You know what they say about a brother with big feet"

Ashley-"No, what"

Will- "They.....They say.........DAMN THAT BOY GOT SOME BIG FEET"

:kekeke: :kekeke:

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mother's day special episode, where will gets his shoes bronzed or something i forgot the proper term.

FPOBA, this should be really easy, but its great lines:

I'm stuck in a basement, sittin' on a tricycle, girl gettin' on my nerves; Goin' outta my mind, I thought she was fine, don't know if her body is hers. :hilarious:

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