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FuQ - Time's Slowly Slippin' Away


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Hey y'all. Here's my verse for the collab I'm doin' wit Loco called "Time's Slowly Slippin' Away". I think I really captured certain ideals in our society in relation to the topic. Check it out.

March 7 -12, 2005

Time is makin' preferences for everybody

Some in and out of this world, don't see it hardly

If life could last hundreds of years, tell me who would stay?

See how we depend on technology in every modern day

Used to be, all we need is food, water, and land

Now we want more than what can be carried in 2 hands

Everybody's got a talent, that's Human Nature

It's not about life fulfillment, it's bout fulfillment of paper

Even if it's not important to me, it's gotta be

cuz it's standards on how to feed a family

So I promote cds and mp3s

Give my music to friends like they're disc jockeys

Hope to catch the right ear, to give me a try

My opportunity could fade, but my music don't die

Keep goin' like it'z never too far away

But time keeps tickin', slowly slippin away


Where's Marty and Doc? Let'z go back to the future

4th Dimension travel, meet people that never knew ya

But I gotta stay here in the present day struggle

Pop my stressors like I'm blowin air bubbles

Time's gonna test the strength in the length of ya life

See if ya learned anything really suffice

Not promissed tomorrow, but ya given today

to do a lil more while Time's Slowly Slippin' Away

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Nice message there FUQ! :thumb:

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