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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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The JJFP Anthem


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listen ya'll im feeling creative: heres ur place to throwout some lines bout the guys;

yo check it

"The JJFP Anthem" (verse 1)

now e'erbody knows we love the prince and the jeff

we stay freshed up more than any, time to pay some respect

i mean,

you cant count all the times that ive posted

but for evertime i post another rapper gets roasted


big will, the man to change the game

he sells a whole lot a records w/ more than the name


ya'll wanna front?

hes half man halfmazing

until march 29th roll round i be craving

that new music from the jeff and the prince

pay ur dues

stop the fools i said

that new music from the jeff and the prince

aint no one betta from 1985 since...

first time ive even posted in here, so its horrible lmao

write some more verses ya'll

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with the man, FP on the mic, jeff on the cuts

the prince is flyin lyrically, jazzy backin him with the yeahs and whats

climbing up the charts, pleasing the fans hearts

to the grammys and gettin the multi-plats

taking other rappers and puttin them on flats

they like warriors armed with swords

while rackin' up every mainstream music award

from west philly to bel-air and back

on the prowl on the attack

wack emcees that are on the charts on they heels

because they know they cant top FP with jeff on the wheels

twenty years and you know theyre name

the only cats still doin it for the love of the game

not the money but for the art, the essence

forever - dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince


now how bout that..haha !

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  • Admin

1985 2 artists with drive collide

20 years later still on one hell of a ride

aint nothin changed but the names

jazzy jeff and fresh prince to will smith here to reclaim

platinum awards in frames

their chemistry sparks the flames

of hip hop these 2 will never let it burn out

get together and classics is what they turn out

they forward in the day ahead of the time

albums pack freshness never a stale line

emcee and a dj 2 lethal weapons

when jeffs cuttin up with will mic in hand haters get to steppin

west philly is where they're reppin

giving these kids a true hip hop lesson


skill improving with age

create and display golden moments on stage

so prepare for the 2nd no 3rd 4th or 5th coming

forget it who's counting when fans are givin the dynamic duo lots of lovin

like cl said but we all said aint the be all or end its just the start of somethin

like dis dont sleep or you might miss JJFPs niceness

lost and found march 29 alright kid

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Here's my contribution (and I personally think it's kinda good to bee my first time ever rhyme: :wiggle:

It's time for Big Will to live up to his reputation

as the old school hip-hop sensation

I've heard the buzz about the cuzz in the Nice Guy lyric

but you haven't heard it, go out and buy it

Dj Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince back up in ya face

featuring the best song since nr.2 on Homebase

you see all your friends Gettin' Jiggy Wit this season

now you know Lost & Found is the reason

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Are-Oh-Tee-Pee it's the Return of the Prince

All other emcees stick with the lather and rinse

then repeat! whatever it is that they're sayin

but one look at the mic it's saliva they're sprayin

Ef-Pee steps out the box, pen in hand a rhymin visionary

Some call him soft but Au contraire-y

20 years in the game and still on top

lotsa haters caught flash in the pan, gone with a pop

'85 til today with a album due to drop

Like an energizer bunny keeps on goin non-stop.

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Hey nice verses y'all, all this excitement about the album got me hyped to write something about JJFP too, I wrote a lil' somethin' today actually, when I get it typed I'll post it for y'all :peace:

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