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Dunno how u come 2 the conclusion that Pac´s lyrics were co-written...

Read the credits on his albums, it says written by Tupac Shakur, etc., etc.

on songs where he was just rapping on, you obviously don't read credits man. :ditto:

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Well a lot of the name's on Will's albums are from samples too just like 2Pac's are,not all though on either, a couple names on 2Pac's weren't from samples supposedly. Personally I don't believe all the credits, why would Will, LL, Rakim, KRS-ONE, Chuck D, and 2Pac need anybody to write songs with them in the 1st place we all know that they're rappin' their own lyrics 'cause they live their lyrics, those lyrics represent who they are, they also won a lot of freestyle competions to get signed, you gotta have skills to get on a record label(at least back then u did) nobody that writes lyrics could quite sound like them. Remember this line in 'Uhhh": 'I was in the game before publishing was an issue' Record companies put more names on the album so the artists could get less doe, it ain't fair. :ditto: That's why Will has second thoughts about making albums these days 'cause the record execs get credit for doing nothin', the buisiness is cold y'all.

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so FP realy used skills as a ghost writer? :sad6:  and i don't understand why you think it's Big willie style"....

Because that was the only album he was helped on as far as I know anyway, i think Nas also helped him with it; Will talked about it in an interview I read, where Columbia used them to bring his image up to date

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"Ghostwriting" is where u have people write songs for you and make it look like your own and talking all the credit.  With the solo albums, FP did have some co-writers on a few trax...but not ghostwriters. Check the credits, u'll see the trax that Nas co-wrote on Big Willie Style, the trax Common Sense co-wrote Willennium, and the trax Kel Spencer co-wrote for Willennium and Born To Reign.  I personally don't like the idea of people co-writing some of his songs, but with the JJ+FP albums and the other trax on his solo albums, it's easy 2 see FP has the skillz.  He works with peers and people he's close 2.  It's not like he's saying "hey dog, co-write this song with me, i need help."  When u have friends who do the same thing u do, it's fun 2  create stuff 2gether.  When i used 2 write alot, there were times when me and my cousin would write songs 2gether.  It waz fun, not cuz i or he couldn't do it on our own.  Now i do alot of acting.  When i thinkin' about how i'm going 2 do a scene, if i'm doing it with close friends, we work 2gether and let our chemistry take it 2 that next level.  That's what makes me not look at FP co-writing with other people as a taboo.  He has talked about it in interviews and credits the people who work with him, he's not trying 2 cover it up or anything.

Besides, look at the people he desided 2 work with....THEY HAVE SKILLZ.  Now if he waz working with The Game or Lil' Jon, then i'd be worried.  It's becuz of people like Fresh Prince, that talented up-comers like Kel Spencer are getting paid.  Kel's solo career hasn't sparked yet and his album never came out...but since he did some work on "Switch," he'll be getting some money outta it's success.  It also got his 3rd Power Music Group some attention.

I think that the whole Lost + Found era has FP coming full circle tho.'  Kel Spencer is probably the only real lyrical sidekick.

If that's all it is, I agree w/ you, I don't like it a whole lot, but I understand what he's doing & it's not a huge deal... but Skillz's lyrics seem to imply a whole lot more... I dunno, but def interesting...

Skillz song is also just that, a song; used for pure entertaininment and shock value. It's MEANT to get you to think more than it actually means - he's pratically implying ont he song he was never paid for his work, do you think that it's true? of course not, I doubt Diddy, JD or even Will would cheat him out of a paycheck

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okay guys ghostwriters are NEVER credited. If you are credited you are not a ghostwriter. People were saying Jay Z wrote "Still D.R.E" for Dr Dre and he wasn't credited or something. If that's true, that would be callled ghostwriting. You guys are getting the definition mixed up. Co-writers whose names are on the book are NOT ghostwriters. Got that? Good.

Now tons of rappers get help with writing. Even the greats, Pac Biggie all got a little help here and there. Whether it's hooks or whatever. Will could've just gotten an idea for the Switch hook. Even if it's just an idea, the person who gave the idea needs to be credited or they might come back and sue u for taking their idea or something.

Um...Jay was credited, along with Eminem on Forgot About Dre, and "Hello" with Ice Cube. Knoc'turnal is also credited for tracks on Chronic 2001. Even if you ghostwrite, it's a legal matter to be credited for it.

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