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Will freestyling over the "How We Do" beat


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the thing is..the first time jeff and will ever left the USA westwood hooked em up..and if u listen to the interview will was like we had never met any1 like you..westwood was usin all that slang back in the day..so it was a bit of a shock..if u are into hip hop and u listen to a lot of rap albums..the language does creep in..as long as you aint frontin like your some gangsta from the hood at your local shopping mall in the suburbs i dont find anythin wrong with it

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I'm not saying anything is wrong with it. But i guess i know how people feel when the US remakes a movie or something that waz originated 4 another country. When it's done well, u are glad they appriciate it...but when it comes off kinda strange, it's funny.

When i listen 2 the interview, part of my laffs...but part of the time he gets on my nerves. That's how radio personalities are tho'...u either love 'em or hate 'em. Where i live, the radio personalities for top 40 stations are so annoying. I wouldn't pump the breaks when i saw them crossing the street.

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