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Will freestyling over the "How We Do" beat


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ha ha, will is the man. i admit, i was never a big fan of his music, i always liked will smith the actor/person, just never bought any albums and things of that nature, not because i didn't think it'd be good, just because it wasn't my style of rap. But now that I'm older and wiser, I appreciate his stuff alot more. the dude never swears and packs heat on his songs and they still hot! thats hard to do!!!! lol. out of his whole career, the only song i ever really didn't like was the "willineum" single, i thought it was a little too over the top. other than that, will is probably the most underrated rap artist in history, you never hear his name when fans and critics talk about the legends, its sad.

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This interview is great, Will dropping a lot of knowledge there, damn he's really focused! :bowdown: I love the freestyle too! :dj: I never heard of this station before, nuff props for letting me know about it. :rock:

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Guest Guest_moro

but guys,will is freestyling on this track????????????????????,because if thats true...oh my god,it's just incredible,but this could be one verse of his L&F put in this beat...can anybody put the lyrics?????hahaha one more time...Will is freestyling????????

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