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Will Smith, "Switch"


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Ya I guess you can say i'm pissed and i'm pretty much gonna cut some Canadian bacon tonight! Ha, it's arite, that's just one person's opinion and that shouldn't change the opinion of the one that actual appreciates Will's music. There's obviously people that won't like it, but then there's the fans that actually do. They know where he's been, where he's coming from, and it makes sense to us. J.Lo's Get Right remix is definetly tight better than the original. Maybe Will will make a remix of Switch?

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Hmm...he read the board.



Speaking of slights, you may have read my negative review of Will Smith’s new single “Switch”. I hated it. I really, really hated it. And when you hate something and write about it, expect the artist’s fans to not like it.

Unwisely, I peeked in at a DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith forum and found some angry fans. Looks like our rejection of the missile defence program wasn’t the only thing that didn’t go over well with the Americans. Here’s a few forum excerpts:

“Who listens to canadians?”

“…i'm pissed and i'm pretty much gonna cut some Canadian bacon tonight!”

“who the hell gives a sh*t about wha they think

not me”

“Whoa...the beat does sound a lot like k-os' ‘Crabbuckit.’ I actually agree with that point.”

“that even offends me, i like both wills and JLos tunes and im nota sadist lol. Obviously the guy doesnt like banging beats. Probably bcoz he is some 40 year old guy, old ppl just dont understand hip hop.”

(For the record, I’m in my early 20s.)

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Hahaha, I'm definately amused by the fact that that guy checked this forum for a response. But hey Robert Ballantyne! If you're reading this, your haters that you quoted, if you took the time to check their profiles, are from the UK and Netherlands. And as a JJFP/Will Smith fan from the US who actually doesn't like "Switch" and agreed with your criticism, I just wanted to point out that your ridiculous shot at American tastes and opinions was equally stupid and uninformed. I have no problem with our neighbors to the north, in general, or their rejection of the missile defense program, for that matter... I might have a problem with you.

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HA HA!! That is hilarious!! I figured it would be a waste of time 2 reply 2 this post...but now that i see that the people behind the reveiew checked this post out, it makes me wish i spoke my mind. :thumb:

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