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Filming of “Last First Kiss“ Pix

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yeah i saw those, some 1 posted www.lfi.co.uk and www.splashnews.com on the will smith board too, beware tho coz some of those pix completely freaked me out. Will is kissing that other actor guy, i think its in a humorous way but its still very weird 2 c Will kissing another guy. Plus i cant imagine what it could do 2 his rap career. That the reason y he didnt do the male kiss in six degrees of separation, and also Trey was really young and he didnt want him 2 get teased at school. None of this has changed now tho has it.

I dunno is it just me or is that really freaky. :eek4:
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i think it was in a humorous way. It says that Kevin James (the other guy) did it as a joke and it caught Will off guard. Will wasn't expecting it. I don't think they're lips touched either.
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