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just thought i'd tell the UK peeps that i got my email from Play saying it was dispatched today!!!!

yay!! can't wait to get it!

same here

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Im a swedish fan of FP, and I found this forum yesterday.. great reading!

I want to buy the Fresh Prince, the DVD of course.

Whats the different between "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: The Complete First Season" and "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air: Season 1". I understand that the first one is "complete", but what is the completed part in the dvds?

Where is the best place to buy the dvds? I read in this forum and understand that season 1-2 are available in UK, and i think I should buy it online from there.

Thanks if you have time to answer my questions... and its so funny with all FP-fans at one place =)

Sorry for my bad english.. its not my best language I can speak..


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