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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The - The Fresh Prince's 1st Season undergoes some package/disc changes

Posted by David Lambert


Back in mid-November came the exciting announcement that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - The Complete 1st Season was on-the-way for a February 8th release...that's just a bit over a week away! With the street date approaching fast, we thought it was good to let you know about a small change in the set's configuration.

When we passed on the original info, we relayed Warner's description that these episodes would be "on 2 double-sided discs", and showed a package (you can see it very clearly in our previous news post) that is a "keepcase-style" box.

Now Warner is showing off a different configuration: as you can see below, the keepcase is gone and it will instead be a cardboard box sporting 4 single-sided DVDs instead. We were given no reason for the change, but from what we see all other aspects of the release are unchanged. Another title out on that date, Murphy Brown - The Complete 1st Season, has undergone the same change.

Our thanks to reader Adam Linder for their help w



good move warner bros..fpoba deserved this!

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Thanx 4 the update!! I'm glad it's gonna be on 4 single-sided DVDs. I hate double sided DVDs....the chance u are gonna scratch a DVD is doubled that way. I like the new packaging alot better....bring it on!!

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im gettin it from amazon..here in australia its not released till april 25!! and they are charging $60!! when i can get it for $27 US which is abt 35 australian..they sure know how to rip people off here!

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Thats cool about the price, i have The Shawshank Redemption on double sided DVD, bit annoying cos its such small print on the inside ring that its hard to find the movie side

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