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The best love song by Will

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I chose 1000 kisses.She kinda likes it.We saw the video of it and then she said yes to it.

Yo, djsilvertiger, maybe I might choose You saw my blinker in the future who knows?

And, Frshprincecharmng, just to remind you it's a girl.She kept on saying if you love you will do it.You're right man, I shouldn't have said it.And What do you mean by "[color=red]what do I know?" [/color]
I can lough all day. And just to let you know, I'm never gonna be like that.

Peace man. You know how these girls are.And one day it may happen to you too.And you won't be able to do anything about it.And you will tell us about it.you wanna bet?
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hey wild child dont worry about it, ive got plenty of male friends that have dressed up in womens clothes of their own accord lol. 1 was a school girl. then this other guy dressed up as a nun 4 halloween, he later chased my car down the road while wearing a corset and make up lol. it was so scary!
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Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I didn't know you wanted a tune for your gal.

Everyone always go for the soppy love crap, but I'd rather use a little humor like....

"Let's Get Busy Baby"

Cos you just can't beat the line "listen up toots I like your looks. I used to see girls like you in them girly books".

She'll love it.

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Yo,[color=purple]FrshPrnceCharmng[/color]. I thought you thought that I was ...........you know.
And that's why i said that I'm never gonna be like that.And I know you never said she was a dude.

"Maybe".........I don't really like that song.But I had some one and she did too when we first met.

[b]the real big willie[/b], thanks 4 reminding about that line. I just told her that she was beaultful for the very first time yesterday.And She was sure happy.I wonder what she's gonna say if I tell her that.
And I'm always busy with her...but we haven't done that yet.

I have to listen to 1000 kisses twice or three times every nights b4 I sleep.
Me and her made out until that song finished.[color=blue]Big Will should have made that song a bit longer.But it's okay[/color]
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