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didnt know jjfp had so many fans in germany

i really didnt know that germans were so good at english, cause when i was there, all the movies was a shock... Bruce Willis talking german etc, but thats just cool you know this message isnt about anythin really just forget it and chill or pay a bill or whatever you will

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germany is one of jjfps biggest markets!!

Yeah thats right, but here are so many Will haters :bang: :bang:

They're all jelous and have not the courage to say really what they like, in my opinion.

But the truth is that they're just listening to it, cause of the peole next to them who are also listing it. Its like, he's is listening to it, it must be good, and when other people don't like that, so it must be bad. i think you'll understand what I mean.

I wrote an essay in geman grade today. Enough of writing :kekeke:

btw, JJFP Rocks The House :switch: :switch:

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