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Guest Prince
[quote=Jazzy Julie,Aug 16 2004, 06:14 PM]Will falling over in his ski's[/quote]
Julie, the correct phrases being either "wiping out" or "stacking". There's some ski/board lingo for you...
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[quote=Wild Child,Aug 26 2004, 04:28 PM]okay,i've been readin dis ova n ova

where are these new forums??

[b]word life[/b]

You just posted in a new forum silly! :kekeke: Prince and Hero1 are referring to the new forums that were here since March, well I didnt know nothin' 'bout the old forums 'cause I didn't starting posting here until March when the new forum was just a couple weeks old. So ur back now huh Wild Child? :poke:
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Yeh, for me especially over the last couple of months since I've been on my summer hols I've posted a whole lot more. Im around for another 4 weeks or so then I'll be laying back off the posts for a while. It'll be more like tons once a week i write up when i get to a computer with the internet.
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