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Brand New Funk Video

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Hi Julie, you say you can easily buy it online, could you suggest a website please? I've tried Amazon and Ebay. Oh yeah and I live in the UK. I recently bought the Will Smith Music Video Cellection for £2, which is great. I'd love to have the Greatest Hits video too.

Thanks - Jonny

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man im really unlucky living in this country (sweden). we dont got a lot of music video collections and that cool stuff. i really think the jfffp music videos are great, especailly Summertime who gives a romantic pic over how it was in the beginning of the 90s when i was small as hell. Man, 85-95 must be the best ten years in the history!

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Julie you after Rock The House ?

Cause (and I know how shocking this is..) I saw it in music zone last week. Amazed me but it was there. Next to platinum and gold!

:cya: :cya: :cya: :cya: !!!

Which music zone store was it in? Liverpool city centre?( is there 1 in the city centre) If i get this Cd i will love u forever perry, ive been after it 4 ages.

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