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On 4/9/2022 at 2:17 PM, TWright said:

Mr. Smith. You should consider some new music take the kids with you they very talented. So is your wife and don't forget to legally step on the Oscars while doing so.

Indeed he should make some new music but I prefer if he leaves his weird family out of it and go play with Jeff instead.

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Yeah, I want new music to be a tightly contained project.  I'm not saying his family isn't musically talented. Obviously they are, but I have no desire to hear them on a new album. 

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He can let alot out with his music to me thats what Lost and Found felt like especially with Mr Nice Guy i can see Will making another track like that adressing public perception of him and that he always has to smile all the time and not get frustrated alot of people feel like that so it will be relatable 

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