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Jada's entanglement...


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Let me start off by saying we don't know the full story. We don't have a place to judge. Who cares what any of us thinks on the matter?  lol

That being said, my thoughts are totally mixed on pretty much everything. 

If they were separated, whatever happens can happen. I've been in relationships where we take a break and one person takes advantage of that and the other does not. In the end, it never worked out. Jealousy and/or hurt exists, and eventually comes out.  Very few relationships come out of something like that are as good as they were before. If they can do it, power to them. 

I always felt like if they broke up, Will would be the one to find someone new faster. It being Jada kind of surprised me. The whole thing about Will giving his blessing is weird to me, though. I find it hard to see him or any man doing that. Part of the male ego naturally isn't cool with that, even when separated. 

Jada  dating younger during their separation isn't something I'm mad at. She's healthy and young in spirit. These days I tend to click with women that are much younger than I do ones that are about the same age. When they are the same age, their are either in a relationship, or often beat down from life to the point that I feel like we're on different plains. 

Will and Jada are always kind of cryptic when they talk about their relationship. If they were just transparent, it wouldn't leave room for people to paint their own vision of their relationship. The whole "life partner" role replacing "marriage partners" is a muddy description. May that works and maybe it doesn't. 

One thing I've noticed is that Will is kind of different when he's with Jada and family than like how he is in that video with Jeff and Charlie. I feel like I knew Will better when he was pumping out music and blockbuster films. I like what he's doing with his social media, but I feel like I don't him as well. If their relationship isn't good and they ended their partnership, I feel like we'd get more of the old Will. 

The video is tough to watch. Part of me thinks it was totally unnecessary.  I don't know anything about August Alsina.  Just based on his content and interviews, he seems kinda corny. He's trying to stir things up.  At the same time, it's his life. He can do what he wants. Does his music and interviews require this video as a response?  Jada actually comes off unapologetic and and annoying. The video isn't polished to look a certain way, because they only seem to be on the same page at certain parts of the video. Will clearly looks unhappy talking about stuff that is old. I want them to be happy. Hopefully their marriage only gets better. Will often says his first marriage ending was his worst failure. I'm just worried he is holding on to that and using it to keep himself in a marriage that shouldn't be in any more.

I hope everyone gets the healing and resolution they need. 


p.s.  I typed this really fast and didn't proof read it, so forgive me if it's full of errors. lol

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We don't know the full story and it sounds like Will did some stuff too but i can't watch Jada in anything anymore, i've lost all respect for her and what shes says.

Will just looks massively hurt by this, i don't know how they managed to recover from it tbh. I feel different about how they talk about love and marriage from now on, like its all a lie.

I also agree with AJ, Will seems different with Jada, he seemed more like himself and the old Will we know and love when he was talking to Charlie and Jeff.

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Watching Will's latest red table which I found quite interesting - Will just doesn't seem like he loves himself - and is constantly seeking outside validation. If he did - maybe he would just end it - he talks of his past pain of his girlfriend cheating on him driving his will to succeed - so why put up with it now? And if he doesn't care about "success" he would be more liekly to drop an album and some music. As jeff and pauly yams once said - do it for the love of the game!

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Will has shared how he was mistreated in that past. I don't think he's been revealing anything new, but he has gone deeper on a few topics. I think one of the things that made me identify with him early on is that he's grown out of certain circumstances that are similar to my own. If his marriage is health, great. If his marriage and his career are being influenced by pains from the past, such as considering his first divorce to be his greatest failure, it seems like it's time to reorganize his approach to some things. 

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