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  1. #SAD. People that live with less 2 USD/day are way happier than these folks.
  2. This is a joke. No music, a bunch of crappy films and now selling T-Shirts. Fresh Prince is dead. This guy only thinks about money and shoving his talentless kids down our throats.... I'm done with Will Smith. No new album because it wouldn't make him millions like they used to. This new Will Smith is a joke of an artist.
  3. Pocoto


    Just saw it and loved it! Don't trust the critics, judge for yourself... Can't wait for the sequel... Most entertaining Will Smith movie in a long time for me....
  4. I never thought I'll see the day where I'd like more a random Lil' Wayne song of a movie soundtrack than the supposed comeback of my favorite rapper but that day has arrived. For me the song Caution in the Wild sucks and that's why people are not paying any attention to it. I personally listened to it about 3 or 4 times, then the app crashed and I've never listen to it since and probable never will.
  5. The problem is that his master advisor (Jaden) told him that the movie is so good that he should retire because it's all going to be downhill from this point on.... Can you believe that? I guess that we have to thank Mr. Deeptougth Jaden Smith for the direction of Will's movie and music careers.
  6. Same frustration with his music. First the Fiesta remix and then Caution in the Wild, since neither generated any buzz (and neither felt to me like a Will Smith song) then the whole world tour and new album fell apart. Same thing with Lost and Found, all that talk about loving hip hop and music and then when the album doesn't do well commercially than he "retires" for more than 10 years... What ever happen to the Will that wanted to represent an idea (see Travis Smiley interview), that wanted to represent possibilities.... I think that as successful as he is, he's just afraid. Afraid of releasing music and not selling (who cares), and afraid of taking different roles in his movies (Deadshot was supposed to be a villain, not the super charismatic, emotional and funny guy). He used to be a role model for me since the Fresh Prince years. Now I prefer the old Will and not this full of doubts movie personality who looks for inspiration in jackasses like Kanye West...
  7. I enjoyed the movie. Will Smith was Will Smith in it, not Deadshot. He talks so much about the "art" that he creates and puts out to the world like is the next big thing, but it turns out that in his movies he's been creating the same "art" since the Fresh Prince years.
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