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I've been reading this book for a while now. I love all the music stuff. Too bad he didn't focus on Code Red at all. I love the story about him creating Summertime. 

I'm almost finished with the book. I must admit that the later chapters are not as good as the first ones. Not my cup of tea. 

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i absolutely loved this book. The first part was incredible, there was so much i didn't know about Will, it certainly helped me understand him a lot better, really funny in some places too. It dipped a bit after MIB, then i found he lost me a bit as soon as he started talking about Willow and his drug usage etc, i was a bit dissapointed in that.

I keep meaning to listen to the audiobook version of it now as i've heard he raps a bit in it. 

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The audio book is awesome. So funny. He raps. He sings. You feel like he is talking to you and telling you all these stories. I completely recommend it. And yes. That last chapter is a downer so you can skip it too.

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