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Okay, so "this" happened..


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2 hours ago, fan 4ever said:

I’m not sure how I feel about this...why is everyone so hyped about this? 

The rapping in that verse is very similar to lost and found. The subject matter is very fresh prince. It’s the first proper rap track we’ve heard from him in 13 years.

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word it's hilarious and lassic fresh prince, reminds me of the st patrick's version of the fpoba theme, if this  gets promoted it could be a classic!!!

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13 hours ago, Jazzy Julie said:

This is the best song he’s dropped in the last few years, it’s better than Get Lit. I’m praying he puts a full version on his YouTube.

The word play in that small clip blows all these mumble rappers out the water.

Totally agree Julie.. wordplay is sooo good!! Above all it’s great to know that Will “still has it”.. Imagine if he got with Jeff... the magic that would happen.. 

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34 minutes ago, fan 4ever said:

Will tagged two people in the post. One is Shane Eli. Don’t know who he is but his Instagram page says he’s a producer and songwriter. Perhaps he did the beat? :smiley-think005:

On Shane Eli's Facebook he says that he was a co-writer on the 'Fiesta' Remix. Maybe he co-wrote 'Freak Accident' too.

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