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  1. Heading to London soon to make sure we get there in plenty of time for the show. Will is already in London and Jeff has confirmed he is on his way. Should be a great show! I'll get some pictures and upload them on here :-)
  2. Excellent! Hopefully it is a good watch Tim! I got in early on the ticket sale. They went pretty quickly. Managed to get 2 about 10 rows back from the stage. We are making a weekend of it and going to check out some of the sights :-)
  3. Anybody going to the London show? I'm heading there with my wife. Looking forward to it and hopefully get a photo opportunity with Will and Idris :-)
  4. Excellent! Me and Mrs N are coming over for it. It is her birthday that day as well. Be great to meet him after his set. We could say hi and have a beer with you :-)
  5. Brilliant! Hopefully more to come!! Anybody going to see Jeff in Liverpool this year? Sunday 22nd of July he is doing a set.
  6. Excellent! It is on my bucket list to meet Jeff (again) and Will. One day :-)
  7. Sorry to hijack this thread. Anybody heading to any of Jeff's vinyl destination world tour events this autumn? The closest one to me is in Birmingham UK on October 22nd but doesn't look like I can make it. 2 days before pay day :-( bad times!
  8. Nicole thanks for pointing me in the right direction to get my T-shirt order changed and for your part in getting Jeff and Will on stage again for the concerts :-)
  9. If you are on the Facebook group check my video uploads.... I have I wanna rock on there I think. If not let me know and I will upload it :-)
  10. Crazy how less than a week ago I was like a kid on Xmas Eve waiting for the next day! Seems like ages ago now but the memory of being there and seeing them back performing together will last forever.
  11. It must be to do with copyright. I sent Jeff a tweet but he probably just thought..... argh not that stalker again :-)
  12. At first I was like.... hmmmmm not sure about that one but the more I hear it the more it grows. I think the studio version will help make our minds up as it will be a lot crisper. Looking forward to hearing the released version. I wonder how long it took them to put the track together.
  13. They both looked like they loved it and really enjoyed doing it so maybe there could be more to come :-)
  14. Ah Hi. Thanks for the welcome :-) I am still investigating the code red issue. I will tweet Jeff now and ask him. He probably won't reply as he has probably got loads of notifications etc. But.... I will try :-)
  15. Ah brilliant. Glad you got to see them. I have some more as well that I will pop on there when I get chance. Seems fairly easy to get them on there :-)
  16. Right guys ... my son said I am best putting the videos on YouTube for you all then sending the link. Give me a week to suss that out! :-)
  17. Sorry guys that photo is upside down for some reason! Bear with me..... photo editing is not my greatest skill! Haha!
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I am still buzzing from seeing them Sunday so those of you that met them must be flying high!! :-) I have loads of photos and videos to share but not sure if I can upload the videos. I will try to get the photos up now. I have some videos from Jeff's set in Nottingham as well so will get them shared with you as well. If they do more live shows I will be there! Next on my bucket list is to meet both of them together!! One day maybe....one day :-)
  19. Ah man! Can't believe I have only just found this forum! I have been a fan since the early 90''s and have all their albums. I have been lucky enough to meet Jeff in my home town Nottingham when he did a set here. Last night was amazing! I have always wanted to see them live and still can't believe I did it last night!! I look forward to interacting with you all :-) I have some photos and videos from last night and will upload them when I figure out how to :-)
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