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Stopping by to say HI & happy b'lated b'day TIMBOAT!


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Hey everybody. :wave2:

I was thinking abt Timboat whose birthday is the same as my daughter's. (if I remember correctly :clap:) I couldn't find a b'day thread or maybe overlooked it, (sorry if this is a repeat bday wish) Tim's name came up when my son reminded me: his first concert ever, was when I took him to see Will Smith & Jeff in Atlanta. Jeff's assistants hooked us up as JJFP fam! ..... I told my son, I was suppose to go backstage to meet Will & give him a portrait I drew, but I was scared & didn't think my art would be good enough to give Will & He wouldn't like it.  :scared: lmbo

TIMBOAT!!!!!!! Happy belated Born-day little brother! Wishing you greatness, health & happiness forever. huggzI

Love you guys ALWAYS!!! JJFP's #1 AFRO ANGEL - 3cookies

ps. so surprised that I remembered my password. haha


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hey 3cookies welcome back, a  blast from the past there's so many great memories from back in the days of this board...


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such a warm feeling to see some activity back on the board again, btw let's get the JJFP cypher going, I want Will to step in haha!

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