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Will the best perfomer EVER?

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Don't know if this is the right place to post this.
But anyway.......
I was talking to a work chum today about music/film, ect.
And my chum (though not a Will fan) says Will is the best all round perfomer working today.
Me (as a Will fan) was very suprised by this comment.

"Why?" I asked.

"Basicly, Will has everything going on. He can act (though not really reconized for it), he can sing/rap. He can dance too, he's the type of guy that says what he means", he replied. "Ask Will to do someone like Fresh Prince and he can, then ask him to pay the legend that is Ali, and he can. You can not stop Will." He continued.

To which I have no answerer to......what can you say?

My point is to a non Will fan, he is the best there is.
To us Will fans, he must be much more.

So if a non Will fan can se just how tallented this man really is, why does he not get reogonized for a lot of what he really does do?.....(Oscars)
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I think FP is one of the best performers ever. Musically, he's creative and his himself in his music. He stands up 4 his own believes even tho' it makes him somewhat of an outcast. He's a great live performer...he draws his audience in and puts on a top quality show...something almost nobody in Hip-Hop can do. As and actor he's versitile very talented. The man under the hype is also incredibly funny, intellegent, kind, and articulate. FP is one of the best performers ever seen and he's very underrated.
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will gets cussed and dissed for most of his success. yet everyone wants to follow in his footsteps. the likes of Ja rule DMX Eminem. or fall into the catagory of wannabe RAPA slash actor. but are they as successful? hell no. will can do it all. these guys get jeaolous and try to destroy his fame. so when the producer/director of the next big block buster is looking for a rappa to appear in his next big hit he will chek these guys and pik the most willing if will turns it down these other fools pik it up making them appear as higher preference puting wil further down the list. sure we all know the aint got sh.it on will but the general publik have no idea. will is and always will be the greatest performer. i mean pleasse look how many ppl his perrformed for and wit. ALI Bill Clinton ShaQ just to name a very few. Born to reign is will. i strongly believe the day will kome when the frst black president emerges and the world will be stunned to see a big eared biffed up rappa burst outa the curtains most likely singing LOVELY DAZE in celebration.
BIG WILL FOR PRESIDENT!! :clap: :switch:
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