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What do you think of MIB3?

fan 4ever

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Tim, 6 times? Really?

I loved Bad Boys 2 man! probably my favourite Will Smith movie..it was incredible on the big screen ( the car crash scene on the miami causeway....some of the gunfights) plus i saw it in sold out cinemas so it was great hearing the reaction.. to scenes like the dude trying to date Martins daughter.. don't regret it all.. critics savaged the movie but it was so popular with people.. even when they show it on TV it starts trending on twitter.. See that is a movie people would want a sequel from ..not I, Robot, I Am Legend, Men In Black, Hancock... I don't even think Will knows what movies of his people liked..the box office or critics isn't a good reflection..

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Hancock 2 is definetly what people waiting for. Good story even like the first half of the first one, a better "bad guy" and Hancock 2 will running even better... most people i know thinks that Hancock was that typical type of movie from Will Smith.

Myself are WANT the I, Robot 2. I, Robot is one of my favs from Smith (and ID4).

Ok youre right: The most people, me too, want BB3 better yesterday then tomorrow. But not even all ;)

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Saw MIIIB last night. Was decent enough. Clever in places, kinda funny. Didn't quite come together as a great movie but will keep fans happy. What's left of them. You start to realise how dreadful that Pitbull song is when the credits roll though.

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