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What do you think of MIB3?

fan 4ever

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A thriller with Will Smith as the good guy and Denzel as the bad guy would be just amazing! They can get the director from "safe house" that was a great movie.

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I saw the move for a 2nd time in theaters tonight (over a month later). Since it's been so long, I had forgotten most of the movie. I can honestly say that I enjoyed it more this time than I did the 1st time around. I found more humor in FP's "throw away" lines. I enjoyed the young K character much more and their relationship. I appreciated the aliens much more this time around also. All in all, the only things that I remember being critical about was Zed's memorial. K's speech was too stupid to be funny. That whole moment of the movie is just awkward. I also thought the bit in the elevator where he tries to find out the date was unfunny. Otherwise, it's incredibly clever and lots of fun. Men In Black shows no signs of slowing down. Let's see another movie in 5 years.

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I saw this when it came out on the 25th. I went to see it at the Drive In which is about 45 minutes away, which made it extra awesome.

I liked the movie. It stayed true to the original Men In Black forumla and didn't add a zillion unnecessary explosions like most films do anymore to try and make them seem "more exciting". I think it was well done. My only gripe is I wish we would've seen more aliens.

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