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What do you think of MIB3?

fan 4ever

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I've just seen MIB3 today and I must say: I like it! Great story (love the ending), great action and it was such a joy seeing Will on the big screen again! The 3D didn't really add anything special to the movie. It's just a nice gimmick!

So, what do y'all think of the movie?

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Just got back from the movie..I enjoyed it! There was only about 10 people in a 400 seat cinema which i thought was strange..haven't been in something like that for a will movie since wild wild west..it was a bit of a rough start to the movie but Josh Brolin really is great..Barry sonnenfield can't do comedy..it wasn't that funny like wild wild west and mib2..but the story was good..and he makes the movie look fantastic..he's a good director for action scenes and making a film look nice for sure..it was great to see Will on the big screen after so long! And a nice twist at the end. Jermaine clement as Boris was only okay..it shows how huge Vincent donofrio was in the first men in black..he was a key ingredient to the originals success.. If there was a mib4 with will & josh Brolin I'd go see it. Fun movie. And I really liked the griffin character

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Saw it today at the first screening of the day (lol don't judge me, I was waiting 3,5 years for a new Will Smith movie and I wasn't going to wait any longer). I saw it in 3D IMAX. Even though it was shot in 2D and then converted, the opening scene (when Boris The Animal aka "Just Boris" lol, you'll get it .. escapes form prison) and the time jump scene look amazing in 3D. I had doubts if I wanted to see in in 3D but it was worth it even just for these two scenes. Will and Tommy were great (we already know the characters so don't expect anything knew to see although there is an emotional suprise at the end that involves both of them) but Josh Brolin absolutely nailed this role. What I love about all 3 MIBs is the stuff in the background that you miss when you watch it for the first time and you slowly discover later on so I'll defenately go and see it again. Look out for lil Frank The Pug references in the film (in J's apartment and at the poster in the background in 1969 when the cops stop J's car). Freaking hilarious! Roger Ebert called it the best film out of the 3. I think he was either high when he was writing that or he's just too old to remember how incredible the first MIB was but I do say it's a great film worth your time and money. Go see it!
My favourite lil line in the film was "Mr. President drank my milk" (you'll get it...freaking hilarious).

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I was surpised by how much I liked it! I expected it to be a complete disaster (the 2nd one was) but was quickly put in my place. Quite a few great laughs...gosia is right...the president drank my milk was brilliant and had me laughing for a few minutes!!:D Loved Brolin's Tommy Lee Jones, loved the emotional part of the ending, loved Emma Thompson, loved Danny Elfman's guitar take on the MIB theme...I loved quite a lot about it actually!! :) I give it a strong 7.5/10!!
Now I'm looking forward to seeing Will in the next Quentin "freaking genius" Tarantino's movie "Django Unchained"...oh no, wait....I forgot...he turned it down to make an M. Night Shyamalan movie :]

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Amazing! Im one of the few members that liked MIB2, but MIB3 was far better! Its so hard to compare it with 1, 1 was so special bcoz it was such an original movie. I thought the 3D was great, but im a bit of a 3D freak, the film in general looked great visually. I was laughing a lot, but i guess my sense of humour is kinda lame, i saw the Frank the pug bits, i dont know if anyone else did in the cinema but there was no laughter and i actually had to stifle mine for a bit so i didnt look dumb. Everything they said about Josh was right, you forget hes not Tommy. It was a bit of a worry when i heard Tommy wasnt in it so much, but they totally pulled it off.

The ending was fantastic, a woah moment and lets just say im glad i had 3D glasses on bcoz i actually cried at an MIB movie. I almost cried as much as when Sam the dog died in Legend lol.

If we're scoring i give it a 9/10.

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Hate to say this, but I didn't enjoy the movie. Josh Brolin's performance was awesome and the action scenes were really great (the time jump scene was the best of the movie IMO), but apart from that I never connected with the story. I was hoping for a more entertaining movie, but I got bored with big part of it (I never found that Griffin character interesting).

Loved the Frank The Pug reference in J's apartment though!

BTW.. is it me or the graffiti scene got cut? [0:20 to 0:36]

I give it a 4/10. Edited by Ale
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Ale, did you like MIB2 more than this one?

No, I prefer this one. 'MIB 2' was really bad :lol: It's just that I thought it would be more entertaining, but for me it wasn't and the jokes weren't so great either (the whole Andy Warhol scene, for example, was very boring.). Heck, I even liked 'Hancock' more than this movie.

It's ok tho', seems I'm the only one complaining about it :lol:. Luckily I can see the first movie whenever I want :)

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