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Fat Joe To Release First Mixtape Of Career


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You're going all out to defend this dude. I'm hearing a lot of arguments to defend this dude. But I'm interested in what you've got to say about his praise for cocaine? It's probably one of the worst things to happen in poor communities, yet Joe acts like God created it so that drug dealers could thrive.

As far as consistency goes. I'd definitely say Tupac was much more consistent than FJ. 2Pac wasn't always nice, but his songs didn't suffer because of that.

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Well.. it's a song dude.. Joe tells storys.. And he used to be a dealer. This is a old dicussion realy and I am too tired for this. If the raps are good and the beat is good - I'm fine with it. Lupe is rapping about conspiracys all the time, also a big problem in the hip hop community, cause it keeps people from finding a place in the real world instead of hiding behind lies. I take it your not keen of the clipse, huh? :pound:

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fat joe doesn't praise cocaine use, to say that is just as ignorant as when politicians criticise rap without even listening to the song, they pick apart one line and make it look like it's all negative when you could pick apart scenes from an arnold schreigner film, it's all art, it's a concept behind it

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fat joe and krs rap about the critics of hip hop music on "My Conscience":

Would the critics come at you if you was Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Killing cops in movies (BO! BO! BO!), promotin graphic anger
You should run for governor, Republicans be lovin ya!

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, wave the Confederate flag like some Southerners?!
Nah! I rather be on the block like a hustler
Guns with the mufflers
D's put the cuffs on us
He's an MC and these streets put they trust in us

Yeah Joey Crack, but they also put they lust in us
They fuss wit us, ain't nobody helpin us!
One minute they cheerin us
Next minute they cussin us!

[Joe Crack (KRS)]
**** 'em! **** 'em!
**** 'em! **** 'em! **** 'em!
That's that nigga bitch-hoe **** (OHH!)
I don't even trust 'em (OHH!)
My conscience says no
I wanna hit 'em wit a '9 (Haaaaaah!)
These are some thoughts, re-occuring on my mind, now

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btw like I said 2Pac's a great mc but he wasn't Jesus, there's other great mcs out there too, Fat Joe deserves to be mentioned among the greats 'cause he put out a lot of great songs too and who knows our beloved 2Pac probably would collaborate with Lil' Wayne too if he were alive then people would call him a sellout:
I found this old 2000 interview of LL Cool J:
He explains very well the perception that people have of hip hop, more people need to be open minded as him:
People don't receive violent lyrics in hip-hop the way they're intended. Do you agree with that statement?
It's not because people hate on hip-hop, it's 'cause you're talking about how you flip pies and kick doors and smack people with pistols, and then you put a spin on it and say you're exposing it to the world--that's not really what you're doing. What you're doing is making Goodfellas <http://music.launch.com/album/default.asp?albumID=73575>, the movie. You're making The Godfather <http://music.launch.com/album/default.asp?albumID=149894>, the movie. You're entertaining people with violence and drama and danger. The song "Homicide" I just described is what it is. I'm exposing it. I don't ever want to get out here and promote any kind of hate. And I don't want to promote any kind of separatism. I ain't into that. I think people should be [judged] based on their actions and on how they treat others. And with hip-hop, I think everybody's different. I think that it's important to remember there is room for messages in hip-hop, and there's room for messages in Hollywood, too. I'm in films, and I'm in Hollywood, but in society, perception is everything. There are so many double standards. You take a film like Goodfellas--Joe Pesci, I love him as an actor, but they take a guy, pistol-whip him with a gun until the gun breaks on his face, wrap him up in a sheet, throw him a trunk, stab him, up and bury him. You put that in a rap song, it's horrible. Nobody wants to deal with it, like it's not happening, or "How could you say something like that?" I have two versions of my album. One has profanity, one doesn't. Is it entertainment? Yes, but there's social commentary in there as well, and then there's a clean version for younger kids. Everybody's not the same. Some people like Barney, and some people like to watch Scarface <http://music.launch.com/album/default.asp?albumID=55980>. We all have a different way of expressing ourselves. That doesn't make you a better or worse human being. We all have a role to play, and if we did the same thing, then we would all be a bunch of robots. So when I listen to Will Smith <http://music.launch.com/artist/default.asp?artistID=1032011> and he says that gangsta rap is wack--you know, I'm not a gangsta rapper, but I don't agree with him that gangsta rap is wack, I just think that he has a different way of expressing himself. Now if you tell me it's not appropriate for kids, then I tell you [you're] right. Gangsta rap is for a certain age, you know what I'm saying? I just think that we need to be free to express ourselves as artists.

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fat joe doesn't praise cocaine use, to say that is just as ignorant as when politicians criticise rap without even listening to the song, they pick apart one line and make it look like it's all negative when you could pick apart scenes from an arnold schreigner film, it's all art, it's a concept behind it

lol, really Ted? I didn't say "cocaine use," btw. I said he praises cocaine as a way for drug dealers to thrive. If you think I'm picking him apart like a politician. Please listen to That White and tell me where I'm wrong on this one. He's ALWAYS talking about crack, btw. Which is another turn off for me.

If you want to get into an argument about whether or not everyone has their own hypocrisies, then sure, you win. Everyone sucks. But it comes down to asking just how full of it are they? Then you pick your poison. I don't care who it is, if I like someone and they say or do something contradictory to something they once stood for, I will be happy to call them out. Like when Will backed 50 Cent for K-Smith. It was completely against Will's stance on gangsta rap.

I don't hate FJ with a passion or anything but he's made enough choices I can't back for me to leave him out of my list of rappers to give a damn about.

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You are a Big L Fan arent you.. Now I love LODPAD, but not often did I hear so many crimes being commited on one record. You are also a Tupac Fan, who may not have "praised" Cocaine, but who did went to jail for Sexual Abuse. Now I'd rather have my kids hang out with somebody who talks about Coacaine instead of somebody who abuses women. I'd also rather listen to somebody who talks about Crack than to somebody who get's arrested every five minutes for doing violent ish while under influence of crack (like DMX), no matter how much he talks about God on his records. I understand your opinion, but I dont agree. Lupe says a lot of weird **** in his raps and recently in Talk Shows, which ist just as stupid as "prasing" cocaine. Just because something sounds smart, it doesn't mean it is. When Joe is saying thank God for that white he isn't talking about the drug itself in a prasing way, he is talking about the fact that it helped him make money. He got out of that ish and stardet rapping, but he raps about what he knew growing up. Nothing wrong with that. The Clipse raps about what they saw growing up, maybe not what they did, but what they saw people they were close too doing. Ghetto CNN realy. Most rappers do just that, because most of them since they were 16 years old haven't done ish but rapping about what they are seeing anway.

By the way, crack didn't always drive people into poverty, a lof of them were driven into crack by poverty. They ended up in this extreme poverty partly because the Republicans decided to kill off the welfare state. I dont think you would be complaining if Joe would write tracks saying Thank God For Reaganomics instead of Thank God For That White, which might just be the same thing (not for everyone, but for a quite a few) growing up in the Bronx. I am saying selling crack is good or saying poverty is an excuse for using and selling it instead of trying to make something out your life. But things are the way they are and lyrics like that, no matter by who, are often a refelction of that.

Just look at these (self refelcting) lyrics coming from THE SAME Album as That White:

[Fat Joe]

Uh! I don't give a ****, no! I don't give a ****, no!
Sex, money, murder, we call this the hit 'em up flow
Barely fifteen, copped my first triple bean
Tryna get wit Fat Cat
and Pappy to do my thing
I'm just a kid, with envisions
and visions of gettin C.R.E.A.M.
Ronald Reagan told me
"Yo, Joey just do ya thing"
Now I'm lookin back, man
I ain't have no conscience
Slappin niggaz silly
till them niggaz fell unconscious
Speakin of my conscience
Now it be ****in with me
So-called activist
try to dis me publicly
And they don't even know where my heart at, heart at
And I don't even know where to start at, start at

But this your conscience speakin
No time for cryin and weepin
You tryin to climb, you reachin
up to ya prime, you eatin'
You ripped a rhyme last weekend
You cleared a mill, no cheatin'
Who give some **** what they speakin'?
Just keep movin, leadin!
You from the place of them heathens
Cop needs to see them
for no reason,
Young hustlers in the street bleedin
Moms grievin
Joe, you came up from all that
**** that, you taught us how to survive, CRACK!

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Bottomline if you don't like to listen to Fat Joe that don't bother me but don't single him out over negative things that other rappers do, that's what bothers me

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I'm simply too busy to get all in to this topic or any other topic at the moment. I think Fat Joe is average best (considering he has some good songs and some really awful songs). But going back to the n-word thing; I don't like how he uses it often...AND HE'S NOT BLACK. Not that I care to hear anyone use it, but let's not overlook the fact that he's someone who isn't black and over uses it. How could people take it if Eminem used the n-word on his next record?

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Well Eminem's says and does a lot of crap himself too so if he said the n word it wouldn't be a surprise, after all he did kill his mom and wife on record before, it'd probably be that type of reaction

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And for the record I don't think any rapper has a problem with Fat Joe saying the n word either, let's just move on, it's like some people think Will's average too, not everybody's gonna like the same artists no matter how much we try to convince them, let people listen to what they want and listen to what you want, I'm done with this thread, peace

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