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50 Cent Plans To Feed One Billion Children


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G-Unit leader 50 Cent has provided clarification on his newest venture, which aims to feed a billion children throughout the world.

50 mentioned his recent visit to Africa sparked inspiration for his food initiative.

"What's up, it's your boy 50 Cent," the G-Unit leader said in a video. "I'm actually out here in Austrailia on tour right now and man, I grew up without money but I didn't grow up hungry. It's a lot of people out there that are actually hungry -- actually dying of hunger. And I feel like it's our responsiblity to come together and do things to create a solution for this actual problem. What I've seen from this actual run, when I was out in Africa, was unbeilievable, the devastation and desperation of people who don't know when they'll receive their next meal. Or if they're going to receive their next meal. I want to feed a billion kids and I need your help to do it. I need you to utilize your energy, your voice, to provide additional motivation for me at times. My new project is called SK, Street King and y'all know the plan. I just told y'all the plan. I want to feed a billion kids. It's your boy 50 Cent." (Street King)

Last month, 50 revealed his world-changing strategy.

"I'm gonna feed a billion people in africa over the next 5 yrs.They are putting SK in there tweets to show they support the idea. STREET KING," he tweeted August 12th.

"Help me go to www.STREETKING.com RT @Januoregx: @50centstart with east africa right now coz its crucial up there #SK #FeedingBillions"

"Its a big difference between being hungry and starvation. I didn't understand at first either you will catch on read about what's going on." (50 Cent's Twitter)

Details of 50's new partnership with consumer brand company Pure Growth Partners landed online in early August.

Pure Growth Partners, a New York City-based company that conceives and markets consumer brands, announced the launch of Street King, an energy shot made in collaboration with rapper, actor and entrepreneur Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. Jackson collaborated with Pure Growth Partners' Founder and Chief Executive Officer Chris Clarke to launch the energy shot, which will provide a meal for a child in need with every shot purchased. "I'm inspired by [Clarke's] vision and innovative approaches to tackling serious issues. It's our mission with Street King to really change children's lives around the world," Jackson said in a statement. (Bev Industry)

While an exact release date has yet to be announced, 50 fans can expect the product to hit retail sometime this fall.

Launching nationwide in September, Street King will be available in Orange Mango and Grape varieties for $2.49 to $2.99. The energy shot contains 100 percent natural flavors, no artificial colors and is made with a natural source of caffeine, which is derived from coffee beans, the company says. Each 2.5-ounce shot contains an amount of caffeine that is comparable to a cup of coffee, but contains zero carbohydrates, calories and sugar. Street King's Grape variety also is fortified with vitamins and gingko biloba. (Hip Hop N More)

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And hopefully he puts values like this in his future music. You can't go around acting like a common fool in your music and then do something positive and "keep it real." I urge him to be real man in his music.

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-musically he's not as bad as some people make him out to be, i actually thought 50's last album "before i self destruct" was a good album, the best since "get rich or die trying" which was standout album:

"strong enough"

"then days went by"

"baby by me"
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I was just listening to 50 Cent stuff today. His first few albums is all money, guns, and girls. He breaks away from that formula with each album. When he did Curtis, it was featuring other artists instead of his G-Unit label. I understand 50's not going to blow people away lyrically, most likely because of his educational background, life experiences, and being shot in his jaw or whatever. But for some reason, I still like his music and am curious to check out stuff of his that I haven't. And I'm glad he's going to "make a positive difference" in the world. He's got all the money and backing to do such a thing. Africa being in the position it is, is nothing new. That trip to Africa must of widen his eyes to do something more.

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yeah 50 ain't really a lyricist but he got some catchy songs, it's good that he's using his power to make a difference

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that's right if he does more things like this and less beef with other rappers it'd improve his image

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50's best stuff is from 2000-2004, the massacre and curtis were a notch down in quality from his earlier stuff but before i self destruct was an improvement and he said recently in an interview that his next album is going to be a more traditional hip hop album so hopefully that means it's up to the level of power of the dollar and get rich or die tryin

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