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My first novel is released!


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for those that don't know...

I want to get it on "Kindle Singles" which is for stories between 10-30,000 ..its just under 30,000 words so it will take about 3 hours to read.. below is the storyline

A man attends a social media event in real life and ends up dead. The detectives are drawn into this new digital frontier and discover they must use social media to solve the murder. In this world everything is instant, online personas don't match their real life counterparts, characters are created and lies are told. In this unravelling mystery it appears death is the only certainty. This is neo noir. A classic detective novel set in a world that we have never seen before. Where technology keeps us constantly connected and our lives are broadcast instantly to the world. Its current, relevant and required reading for those who know nothing about social media, and for those who are completely addicted.

You can get it on the kindle.. and if you get the kindle app you can also get it on iPad, iPhone, Android, PC & MAC

It took me a year of my life to create this! So appreciate anyone who checks it out!

everyone who has read it so far has said its really good and theyve enjoyed it :wave2:

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I haven't planned a print version.. would people really buy that? I mean I can sell a digital version for $3. With manufacturing costs a printed version would cost about $16.

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Well let's see how it goes, you never know, maybe you'll gain some attention with it and at a certain point it does make sense to sell a print version because even tho it doesn't seem like it, people still buy a lot of print books. By the way you should do a audio book, that's my favorite, I read all day so I like storys beeing read to me :bump2:

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