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Enemy of State was great and one of the reasons for this was the cast and director. Same with BB2. His last great movie was POH.

I think Jamie is a great choice, because he is able to play dramatic roles (Ray, The Soloist, etc.) ...the other candidates like Will or Chris Tucker have a more comedic appeal. My favourite choices from the beginning were Will and Idris Elba, because they would have benefit the most from such a career changing role. I am pretty sure that Leo di Caprio's credibility as an actor will rise with playing an villain on this project.

I don't know about Will's movie tastes...but QT makes in my opinion cinema master pieces. I guess i am not the only one on the planet according to imdb.com ratings. :-)

# (9.00) - Pulp Fiction (1994)
# (8.40) - Reservoir Dogs - Wilde Hunde (1992)
# (8.40) - Inglourious Basterds (2009)
# (8.20) - Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)
# (8.00) - Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)
# (7.60) - Jackie Brown (1997)

In comparison to Wills movies with the highest ratings:
# (7.80) - Pursuit of Happiness (2006)
# (7.60) - Seven Pounds (2008)
# (7.20) - Enemy of State (1998)
# (7.10) - I Am Legend (2007)
# (7.00) - I, Robot (2004)
# (7.00) - Men in Black (1997)

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I just read the news. This is very disappointing to me. It would have been an awesome change of pace for Will. He would have been able to get more respect as actor with this role. And he would have been starring with a great cast.

I don't hate Jamie Foxx, but I would have preferred Idris Elba if it wasn't Will. Lame news all around...

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EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Foxx on ‘Django,’ Tarantino and Will Smith

Jamie Foxx says he is “tickled black, white and pink over getting the chance to do a movie with Quentin Tarantino. Man oh man!”

Foxx produced this marvelous documentary, “Thunder Soul,” about a famously funky high school jazz band in the Texas of the 1970s, and we talked at length about the importance of music education in a child’s life.

And at the end of that conversation, I asked him a little about “Django Unchained,” the Quentin Tarantino “Southern” Spaghetti Western that Foxx will star in with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Zoe Bell, Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz. Foxx has the title role, an ex-slave out for revenge on a hateful master. Kevin Costner just backed out of playing the bad guy.

Will Smith had been in line to star in the film, but he also backed out. That left the door open to Foxx. A regular commenter on this blog suggested I ask “Did he send Will Smith a fruit basket” for doing that, and Foxx — who has a sense of humor, laughed at that.

“You know what? As a matter of fact, Will’s a good friend of mine. And he’s always been gracious, that way. Not to get into all the gory details, but when he gives up a part, he looks out for you. Without Will Smith, I probably wouldn’t have a movie career. With that ‘Ali’ joint we did with Michael Mann, he was like, ‘I’m not doing the movie if you don’t pick Foxx to play Bundini Brown.’ I always tip my hat to Will Smith. And I should send him a fruit basket. This is going to be big and it’s going to be fun.”


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I thought it was cool for Will to do a movie like this.. but I guess he figured it was too edgy, with the language/racial overtones.. Wild Wild West mostly ignored the racial politics of the Old West..

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Article form yahoo.com (http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-talk/jamie-foxx-actually-second-choice-django-unchained-231955381.html)

Now that the first trailer for Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" is out (see below), we'll get you up-to-date on the facts.
Some have dubbed the film Tarantino's "Southern" -- a play on the fact the film's title borrows from 1966 Italian spaghetti Western "Django," includes Western film elements, but is set in the South. In the revenge-themed "Unchained," Jamie Foxx plays Django --a freed slave who becomes a bounty hunter and faces off with an evil plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio), all the while seeking the whereabouts of his slave wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington).
Foxx, however, was not the first actor envisioned for the role. Tarantino originally wrote "Unchained" with Will Smith in mind. (One can imagine why Smith -- a major box office draw who attracts audiences of all backgrounds -- turned down the opportunity to play a character who expresses pleasure in getting paid to "kill white folks.")

Talks devolved and Foxx was eventually cast in the leading role. He recently said what drew him to the role: "This is a love story. He's not trying to stop slavery. He's not trying to do anything but find the love of his life — which is like trying to find a needle in a world of haystacks."
Foxx and Smith are friends in real life and both appeared in 2001's "Ali," for which Smith was nominated for an Oscar. The two were later said to be vying for the role of President Barack Obama in a biopic -- but that never happened.
Foxx went on to win an Oscar for 2004's "Ray," in which Washington also plays his wife.
Here are more interesting details around "Django Unchained":

  • Tarantino has been courting DiCaprio for a while: He had written the role of one of the villains in 2009's "Inglorious Basterds" for him. It was the role of Hans Landa played by Christoph Waltz -- who is also in "Unchained" -- that eventually won him a best supporting actor Oscar. Perhaps DiCaprio is avoiding making the same mistake twice.
  • This is the first time DiCaprio has played a villain in a major motion picture. And in this one, he is said to be evil.
  • Brad Pitt, who too appeared in "Basterds," is said to have turned down many "juicy" roles in "Unchained." But don't count him out yet -- Harvey Weinstein says surprise actors are in store.
  • The film also stars Don Johnson (you heard correctly) and Samuel L. Jackson and opens on Christmas Day -- pitting DiCaprio against himself as he also stars in Baz Luhrmann's "The Great Gatsby," out the same day.
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Jamie Foxx on Will:

At the panel, Jamie made a statement that, "We all have egos." This script was famously written for Will Smith. At any point did your ego not like that you weren't the first choice?

Foxx: No, man. Are you kidding me? [Laughs]

Well, you are the one with the Oscar.

Foxx: To be honest with you, I really think that things happen for a reason. I think if Will would have done it, it would have been fantastic. You know, it didn't work out. He was doing other things. Will also called me and said, "This is the part to be in." He really loved the script. Look, you get the chance to work with Quentin Tarantino, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz -- you have to be a part of that. That's the other thing, too. Sometime your ego can get you out of sh-t. It can have your ass sitting there and thinking you're all this, meanwhile the world is going past you. It's really about art. Cinema. Whether they paid us or not, we want to be there. You want to be there with these people.

http://www.huffingto..._n_1674159.html Edited by Ale
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