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Long time, no see...

Jonny 5

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omg Jonny!!!! First Prince comes back to let us know hes still alive and then you do. You should and visit us more often. Its pretty quiet here at the moment, i guess we're waiting on MIB3, in the mean time we talk about Willow and Jaden lol.

Where u around when a few of us met for the hancock premier? It was me, Michelle, Brakes, Kev and James. It was so cool, we got right to the front of the stage but Will didnt perform :(

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Hi guys, merry Christmas!!

Glad to see everyone is still around! Yeah i heard willow's song i think it's pretty cool!

Anyone know if Jeff is planning on doing any dates in the uk in the next few months? I'd be well up for going to one!

Any ideas when mib3 is set for launch, I'm a bit skeptical about it to be honest, what does everyone else think?

Also, FP's new track? Sounds promising... :)

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Jeff hasn't played in the uk for a while.. When he comes again we should all try and get together again and go see him! Kev and I have been a few times and we had a great time!

MIB3D is set for a May 2012 release. From what I've seen so far it doesn't look so bad! I'm sure it will be a welcome return from Will back to the big screen

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  • Admin

I hate being right when it comes to this sort of thing!


And then you showed up. We have lost so much, only to see the prodigal son poke his head in. Is this it, Johnny?! I know these posts all too well. Morbid curiosity

sparks a login to the place long since abandoned for greener pastures. You may have been right to leave, Johnny. Hell if I know. But what are we supposed to think when our friend, our brother, that left us in our time of need, comes back to see how we are doing when we are clearly on our last leg?!

I implore you, Johnny. Buck this message board trend. Don't forget your JJFP brethren! You came back for a reason! Don't leave us when you know our pain.

Follow your heart and soul.

Pure poetry! :drool:

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