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My summer plans


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Yeah enjoy yourself bro, that sounds like an adventure of a lifetime!

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Hey all, so i leave in 4 weeks. I seriously need to up my training routine from now on. No more beers either :lookaround:

Anyway just though i'd let you know i have a charity page up and running if anyone has a few pennies spare. It all helps CLICK HERE

But otherwise i have a facebook group that you can all join to support me which i'll hopefully be using to update on CLICK HERE

Thanks everybody :)

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I may not be able to give money to the cause (probs with my credit) but u can be sure Im going to be morally supporting ur trip son! Im so envious, this is gonna be a great adventure!!

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Yeh my route is all sorted, but don't have it online to hand. It was planned out by my friend Tim who i'm going with. Will hopefully keep you guys in the loop when i get going.

Speaking of that i'm leaving in 4 days. Getting a tad nervous now as it seems more real. Got myself in the local newspaper hehe, here's a link to the article online

Evening Telegraph Online

Filled the Ipod with plenty of tunes, cannot wait.

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Guest kevtastic

Soooo, I'm off down to London today ready to fly out tommorow afternoon.

Just wanna say a big thanks to all the support, i'll try and get onto the forum for an update but please all join my Facebook Group where i'll be hopefully sending out weekly messages with an update.

Speak soon people.

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