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I'm gonna have to pass for a good while. I just got a 64GB iPod Touch so I just don't see the value in this right now.

same, except mine's 32GB but it is a lot less expensive than I thought it would be. I don't really trust 1st gen apple products though it seems like as soon as you buy them the better version comes out with more features and whatnot.

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Yeah... this is exactly what I was talking about a few years ago when I noted that portable media devices, especially devices that can play video and allow for web access, would be big going forward. People will always find ways to incorporate these devices into their lives and they can be really useful.

Unfortunately, I'm not particularly impressed with the iPad. I think Apple could have created a much better product since they have done an outstanding and innovative job on past products.

By and large, this is a big iPod touch (that's both good and bad). It's good for watching video and listening to music on a larger screen, as well as playing games and running the thousands of apps from the app store. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs said that this is the best web browsing experience that we've ever had, but I don't see how that can be the case. The iPad lacks support for Adobe Flash, and with so many websites employing flash to make their sites more interactive, the iPad will force users to miss out on a big and important part of the web experience. During the iPad unveiling, Steve himself had trouble loading content from the New York Times website on the iPad because that content was created in Flash. Services like Hulu and Fancast (which both allow you to watch tv shows on their sites), and the video and some of the content on websites of the big networks like NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC will be impaired as well.

The iPad is also a device that generates continued revenue. By that, I mean that people who want to use it to it's fullest capabilities will continue to spend money on it long after they've bought it as they buy apps and accessories. The iPad lacks a USB port for connecting cameras, printers, external hard drives (needed since the standard sizes are small - 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB), or other peripheral devices... But there will be an accessory for that. The touch screen keyboard is great, but Apple will be selling a physical keyboard as well since the touch screen keyboard will be difficult for prolonged typing. The iPad lacks a camera (something even some of the most basic netbooks have) for video conferencing on Skype and such... but there's an accessory for that. You can also buy a more expensive version of the iPad that has 3G for an uninterrupted internet connection via a cell phone carrier, but that will cost you about $130 more on the base price of the model you get and an additional monthly fee for the data rate based on the carrier you get. Overall, the continued revenue model is a smart strategy on Apple's part, but it's a little tougher on the consumer than it should be. (I don't count the 3G component as continued revenue though... that's a great feature for those who want it)

The lack of multitasking is also a hindrance. Lets say a friend sends you an e-mail with a few links... You can't check your e-mail and view those links at the same time while toggling between the mail client and safari. Or you can't use AIM while surfing the web. You can't toggle back and forth between Google Maps and safari...

I think the iPad is a good product for what it is. You can read books, surf the web, play games, listen to music, watch videos and run a ridiculous number of apps... but the web experience won't be what it should be, the small storage space means that if you're traveling and you're doing any work, you're probably going to have to take your laptop with you, and the fact that you'll likely have to buy more accessories means that it may not be as portable as it should be. The iPad is good, but it could have been better.

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Wow MaxFly that was a good review,, I think that if you have a god netbook and an iphone 3g u dont need the ipad.. we are in a reccesion people!


I agree 100%. Right now, I'm loading Turbo Tax 2009 onto my girlfriend's net book. I'm almost certain there's no app for than on the iPad, lol. I think if you have an iPhone 3G and a net book, you'll be fine. You have mobile e-mail, internet and GPS with the iPhone as well as all the apps, and you have a more powerful machine for word processing, but also a large screen for watching movies, more space to store media, and a camera for video conferencing over Skype in a netbook.

The iPad is cool, I'm not going to lie... I like the idea, but it's not practical enough to replace a notebook or a net book. Right now, it's more of a media device, and since that's the case, it needs to be cheaper.

You know what I really like... The rumored Courier from Microsoft... That tablet will be all kinds of awesome if Microsoft can pull it off...

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pound.gif the true idea behind apple is to get away from microsoft. which I'd love to do today. pound.gif Microsoft has gone overboard and needs an adjustment of some sort but no one seems to care. Why pay for Microsoft stuff since stuff like for will and ready rock and Jazzy Jeff is alot cheaper? lol I know they aren't the same but neither is actually necessary but the only connection between the two is you don't see will or jeff upgrading their songs and calling it fifty dollars or more for the upgrade.

Seems like micro could learn a few new tricks if bill bate's humble enough to learn a few new tricks.pound.gifclap.gif

in order for things to truely work there must be a good team leader with good team players. But I don't think Microsoft has it. I think it's Apple that has what it takes. "LONG LIVE APPLE"grouphug3.gif

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