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I think between us we all have a pretty eclectic taste in Hip-Hop. I thought it would be a good idea for us to upload to the net a bunch of Hip-Hop tunes that we might not all be familiar with.

Be it by a well known artist but one of their more rare tracks you love, or by a more underground artist that you want others to hear. That way we aren't just throwing together an album of well known hits.

When we have 15-16 tracks we could discuss an order to put them in and then we'll have have a new album of tunes selected by each other to be pumping out where ever.

Maybe start with one track by each regular member who wants to partake, then if we need more we could upload more.

If someones interested in doing album artwork that would be cool too.

Anyway here is my input. A track by the group Ugly Duckling called Introduckling. I love this group, seen them perform twice (once on the same bill as Jeff). I think you'll quite enjoy their party style.


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I think this KRS-ONE song "Goodbye" song from his "Spiritual Minded" album is one of his most powerful songs in recent years:

And in case you didn't know the original version of "Go See The Doctor" is done by the legendary Kool Moe Dee, this is some of the finest storytelling in hip hop history right here:


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If we are just sharing and discussing, why do we need it 2 be downloadable? I think using YouTube is fine...which is how I'd participate.

The idea was to make an actual album as per the 1st post! Thats why Kev needs the actual links! if you anna share a song that shold be cool tho. We can always get the song at a later date

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well like Aj i just want to share via youtube, if you like tit you'll download it, if you cant find it ask for it and then I'll upload :)

Inverse - Spotlight

Dope underground sh*t :)

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I think the idea is real good, Ive learn a lot about music in this forum, and I think yall tastes in rap are great, its time for the people outside to get to know some real music as well

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Yo all this sounds tighttt, gonna have to think of a contribution. Maybe I might do a mix of all the tracks on the final playlist on my turntables, record it all up and just see how it turns out...just something for fun and for some practice haha.

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