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I Agree with both points, that there is alot of pages to read to decide who won the battle, but at least read the topics and get the respect they deserved to say "i will battle you, im not afraid" instead of ill battle u and not sure if i won, thats terrible, i respond to most of the rhymes posted here, its the only part of the board i really pay attention to, because im intrestered in every ones views, and not only a few and the rest of u i give my rhymes to, ignore me, and expect me to respond to your rhymes, so whoever dont respond her fine, just know that i will still respect and read your rhymes, not because i like your rhymes, because i have respect for every artist who comes on this board and respect thier view and opinoin, theres no point in this board if we dont have a commuinity and respect if we knew how to tell from whack to good, theres no point saying that because we all have different views, so if u dont like the rhyme say u dont like it and ill be fine with it, not ill be accepting now votes at all in this rhyme i tore my best rhymes i ever did, thanks to this battle i believe improved, and no one cares

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i thought that was a fun battle not necessarily one you would vote on..

It was a fun battle but ain't battles that we vote on supposed to be fun too? :dunno: I enjoyed myself doing it more than any other battle and I don't see how anyone could find it boring 'cause the battle stayed entertaining, I was actually hoping that more would get involved, it's just like a party when everyone gets on and rocks the mic. It was a lot of fun coming here everyday and reading everyone's freestyles and replying! Why didn't you post a freestyle Da Brakes? I just wanted to see some feedback on the battle, thanks for reading FreshPrnceChrming, and thanks for the feedback Julie, I'm not gonna force anyone to vote if you don't wanna, it's all good.

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