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Da Brakes - Clean But Still Street

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I just checked the album out, I'm loving it! Wannabe's a great track but Still Street (Kon-Tempt Remix) is definitely my favorite. The beat really matches your flow. I like Hip Hop Loving too, it reminds me of LL. Good job man!

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Sorry for even more delay on this brakes, i got the CD on tuesday, only my internet has been down since (dont anybody use talktalk they are ****).

I had a listen the other day and its a great album, i think i might have said this last time but u get better each time. I like the way your a bit like Will when theres some comedy in there but u can also have some more serious songs. Whoever did all your beats did a great job too, i can hear some Jeff influence in there.

I cant tell what my favourites are, i think i'd end up listening a large part of the album coz its an all round good album. I'll have to mention a couple tho "sound check" is brillient, u had me laughin a few times at that one. At first i wasnt sure about "still street" but i love it now, kon tempt did a great job on that one.

And as for "feel the joy", i thought i read something on your facebook about this a while ago but i wasnt sure and u didnt announce anything here so i kept it quiet but this song confirms that theres a baby brakes on the way. Congratulations whens katie due?

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Thanks Julie! Glad you liked the album! I'm so glad its getting positive reviews! Been pushing hard for it to get heard by as many people as possible! A lot of people like 'Feel The Joy'. But no secrets here! Katie is VERY much pregnant! Our little boy is due in 6 weeks! I cannot wait! Its come around so quick! I got someone to take my mic when I'm done with it! LOL!

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Dude... I have to congratulate you for the album. I've listened to it a few times since I have it and the more I hear it, the more I like it.

This is what I think:

Best Song: 'Feel The Joy'. Probably the best song I've heard from you. Nice work, and of course nice work to you too, Vipa!

Favorite Songs:

'Bringing It Back': the first time I listened to this track I loved it, and now, after having listened to the whole album, it's still one of my faves. The lyrics are great, and it has that "old school" tune which makes it perfect to me. You and Kel did a pretty good job with this song!

'Got Jokes?!': man, this song is sooo catchy! The chorus is simply great. Just love it. I can't stop playing it.

Congratz again!!! And congratulations to all the people who worked with you making the album! ;)

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Thanks Ale! Feel the Joy seems to be a fav amongst a lot of people!

BY THE WAY! The version I had uploaded was the unmastered version! If you want the mastered version just download it again as I've fixed the link! It sounds so much better! www.dabrakes.com/CBSS.zip

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