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Keep focused now! Skills, Lyrics & Flow

Mos Def vs Slick Rick


Nas vs Will Smith


Biggie vs Rakim


2 Pac vs Common


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FP is easily a better emcee in my opinion. I have a handful of Nas' albums and when FP does a serious track, his at least meets Nas on the same level. When it comes 2 the variety of subject matter, the adjustment of his flow over the years, the comedic timing and delivery, FP blows Nas away. I don't think anyone considers Nas a real performer. FP rips shows. Everyone enjoys his performances cuz he brings everyone in close. Flow-wise, they are probably on the same level. I think FP beats him out when it comes 2 having a more agressive flow. I don't think i've ever heard Nas attack the mic.

I also think Rakim vs. Biggie was a no brainer. I had a problem with the other 2 becuz they are so different from each other that it's hard 2 compare them. This round was much easier than that last 2 in my opinion.

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Will's definately more diverse than Nas and this comes from someone who's a big fan of both mcs, all these mcs in this round are legends without a doubt

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Down to the nitty gritty. Tough choices.

I've enjoyed doing this though, I think we should do this kinda vote with other subjects. Like actor/actress or something. I would say do the Greatest Entertainer of All Time, but thats pretty much a no brainer, especially at this moment in time, wouldnt you say?

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OHHHH! COMMON WON TO 2PAC! That means that automatically, Common or Rakim are the best rapper alive since either Will or Mosdef can compare to them in the categories used in here..

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