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top summer jams


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in one of the latest XXL's they had the top summer jams.. and had a top 10 from every year from 87 up to 97 i think...

anyway for 1991 ..summertime wasnt no. 1!!! how the greatest rap summer joint wasnt no. 1 for 1991 is an absolute joke.. they had naughty by natures o.p.p. as no. for 91 :nhawong: and summertime was no. 2 ... they did however have a really kool picture of jazzy jeff and the fresh prince that i'd never seen before on the page...
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That's insane that they put "O.P.P." at number one...but at least it waz a good song. Everybody who sees that list and knows anything about Hip-Hop knows "Summertime" should have been at number one. "O.P.P." did blaze out thru' the summer of 1991 tho'...and they still play it occasionally on my local Hip-Hop station (which says alot cuz most of they stuff they play is trash).

I remember back in 91 when JJ+FP waz being interviewed at an award show (the AMA's i think) and they were asked about their chances 2 win and FP waz like "We're not sure man, "O.P.P." waz such a big record." :roll:
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Yeh O.P.P is a great partay song but i don't see how it won a summer song competition when its up against JJFP's effort.

What a crazy world we live in :dunno:
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