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Men In Black III in Development

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Lee Jones himself said after MIB 2 that he dont wants to make another Movie with cool guys against bad aliens... as far as i remember. iam not sure!

So lets take a look at his potential follower: Josh Brolin

Without Smith and Sonnenfeld the Studio wont make another Part of MIB... so this Guys are want make another MIB.

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If Tommy Lee Jones doesn't return, they probably shouldn't do it. If they wanna close things off for this generation of MIB, they should let FP do the movie alone. I think it'll be stupid if there are any "replacements." MIB is the kind of movie that could just keep doing providing they got good scripts. But without the both of them, there isn't much of a point. The clashing of their personalities is the highlight of the films.

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This not new... but:

MIB 3 will be shot directly in 3D... this is REAL 3D.

WTF you think?
Movies like "Clash of the Titans" where maid in 3D after they make the movie. The 3D effects are make in studios with PCs. So this lokoks boring and flat 3D.

But direct 3D... is ok. ;)

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