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Will & K. Smith

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His nephew is whack! Will should seriously talk with him and persuade him to drop the mic.

Dont hate the playa, hate the game. Ya gotta remember the era of rap K has grown up in. If you wanna make it in the game, thats what you gotta make these days. Lil Wayne syndrome.

I agree there is some truth in your statement. But there are also young MC's out there like Lupe Fiasco or B.O.B who got skillz on the mic and are creating buzz!

Of course there are exceptions. But, an up and coming rapper sounding like Lil Wayne has more chance of getting a deal than someone who sounds like WS. It all depends on how you approach it. If you wanna make money and get heard quick, make commercialy accepted music, if ya wanna be true to yourself and make whats real to you whether it makes you money or not, try to break the mould.

Visqo, I was joking dude, do your thing man.

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im quite glad Will wasnt in that video, im hoping what we saw him doing was for something else. Turns out K Smith is a worse singer than he is a rapper haha.

Doesnt look like the people are too pleased on that site either, they all say he shouldnt rap about the trap when his uncles a millionaire.

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Will has said that he may sneak some stuff out on youtube so many he'll make some videos of him freestying infront of a camera.

I can't see it but it would be cool if that happend

Yeah i'd love to here Will freestyle off the ''swagga like us'' beat and releasing some unreleased stuff doubt it will happen but i'm just glad Will's been in the studio again.

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