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will's new loo


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Smith's new loo almost golden throne

Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett, have treated themselves to a toilet costing $20,000 US. It warms the seat, sprays warm water jets at strategic body parts and has a musical sound system that blocks out any embarrassing noises. Smith, who earned $60 million last year, says the money he's flushed down the drain on the high-tech commode is well worth it. His enthusiasm has spurred Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt to also get the pricey robotic johns.

PREDICTION: A high-tech toilet won't stop the trouble that's coming when Smith refuses to have Pinkett co-star in a drama he'll make next year.

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[quote=WildWildWillennium,Sep 5 2004, 05:56 PM]Ah man, that's crazy. There are actually toilets out now that can talk and give u reminders 2 flush, wash hands, put the seat down, etc...haha...I think it's kinda freaky![/quote]
ew how can ppl forget to flush and wash thier hands, thats disgusting.
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