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yo this place is gettin out of hand.. try and stay ON TOPIC .. no need for going off on tangents..starting arguments for arguments sake.. now this is not an eminem board, a 50 cent board.. a d12 board or a g-unit.. if you want to do nuthin but discuss them.. go to an eminem brd/zero board etc and do it.. we dont need some 6 posts with people arguing the same points with the same people over and over...

if you want to read people talking about eminem u can check the posts below...

okay..now everyone cut the crap or you get banned..










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Every second post is about D12, 50 Cent, Eminem, Ja Rule, G Unit... If this was between movies or albums for FP then I could understand since there wouldn't be much else to talk about, but with one movie just released, a single and a movie just around the corner... What?
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