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[color=purple][quote]girl u know i could beat u with my eyes closed, dont let the height fool u.[/quote]i seem to remember last night getting u in a python lock and me and james attacking you :kekeke:
so, so sensitive and easy to attack!

[quote]he ski's with a kilt on haha[/quote]

ouch if he doesnt hav anything...a bit frosty dont you think![/color]
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[quote=Kimmie,Sep 9 2004, 08:00 PM][color=purple]aw damn it, ur not traditional!  :kekeke: [/color][/quote]
Also, ever tried sticking your tongue to an ice lolly? How you have to rip it off? Imagine how it would be for me when sitting on a chairlift. Doesn't bear thinking about! Edited by Prince
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You have no idea some of the awkward positions I've landed in. Some of them after doing jumps and not landing cleanly, then nearly blacking out (again, another story). Thankfully not in a kilt! Backflips while being "traditional" aren't advisable in a kilt.
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[color=purple]wow quite the pro :bowdown:

i suppose the closest i have got to skiing was when i was skiing down a hill on a tire that i had just stolen...mind u thats more like snowboarding coz i could only manage one tire...[/color]
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[color=purple]its all part of our scam. to get u laughing so hard that there no1 left on the forum and so julie can be post champion...mind you things would be pretty dull with only a few of us here!

i tried dry slope skiing...not the real thing but atleast i stayed upright![/color]
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