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7 pounds - Box Office Numbers


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Bad Boys was released in 1995. Ticket prices have increased substantially since then. Also its budget was only 11 million, and Will Smith was relatively unknown to movie audiences at the time. Althought it may have made more money Bad Boys=success Seven Pounds=moderate failure

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150 M WW is great for everybody not named Will Smith.

For you, me, Denzel and any other person this is a success.

For Will Smith, the most powerful actor in Hollywood...it isn't...simple as that.

I disagree. If this wasn't a WS movie, 'Seven Pounds' would have never made 150 M worldwide.

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word. ale is right. for a movie like that it has made good numbers.. without will they would have been worse. all of ya'll say it's not that succesfull because its bad.. i dont know if ya'll missed something, but most of the time it aint really the "good" stuff that is bringing in mad money. just look at hancock. that made a crazy amount of money.

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