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"Trick Trick" Says His Album Is Not for "Homosexuals"


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Trick Trick Says His Album Is Not for Homosexuals

Friday November 14, 2008

Longtime Eminem collaborator Trick Trick probably lost a few fans this week when he announced that he doesn't want gay people to buy his new album, The Villain.

In an interview with Allhiphop.com, Trick Trick said: "I don't want your faggot money any g**damn way. I don’t like it. Carry that sh*t somewhere else." Trick Trick specifically called out openly gay celebrities Rosie O'Donnell and Ellen DeGeneres, even going as far as saying that he would send a "scud missile right through their f**king cruise ship." Trick's new album, The Villain, is in stores now. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, gay or straight.

Source: http://rap.about.com/

Ok, here are people talking about how Kanye is a Jerk, and now we see this. Jesus Christ, I dont care what his opinions on homosexuals are, I think we all know now, but this is a terrible move to promote a new album which in fact doesnt sound that bad, I like a couple songs out of it so far. Eminem has got to do something with this guy soon!

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