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Jaden Smith set for 'Karate Kid' redo


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I have not watched the original in YEARS. I remember loving it as a kid. I don't see a reason 2 make a new version of it but i can see them doing an okay job with it. I'm not gonna lock them in2 a pre-opinion of it sucking horribly. It makes me wonder about auditioning tho.' Typically they do make u audition even if u basically have the part. Let's be real, Jaden was awesome The Pursuit of Happyness. He was much more than a cute kid delivering cute lines. Unless the trailor looks amazing, i doubt i'll see this...unless FP has a 1 second cameo...ha ha. All i can say is "Good luck! Don't mess it up!!"

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This whole movie was created as a "star vehicle" for Jaden.. I'm sure he lives nothing but a normal life. Still at 10 the idea of hanging around a set for 6 months, waiting in trailers, shooting a movie just wouldn't appeal to me.

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Columbia Pictures, Will Smith team with Weintraub for Karate Kids remake

Mumbai: Columbia Pictures, Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment and Jerry Weintraub Productions will remake the 1984 hit The Karate Kid with Smith's 10-year-old son Jaden Smith starring in the lead role.

The announcement was made by Columbia Pictures presidents Doug Belgrad and Matt Tolmach. The film will be produced by Jerry Weintraub, James Lassiter, Will Smith, and Ken Stovitz. Chris Murphy is writing the screenplay adaptation.

The new film will be set in China and shot on location next year in Beijing and other cities. China Film Group Corporation and Xinhua Media Entertainment, a subsidiary of XFMedia will co-produce the movie in China according to applicable Chinese co-production requirements.

Belgrad said, "Karate Kid is one of the studio's prized franchises and we had been talking about how we could re-invigorate it for some time. So it was very exciting when Overbrook approached us with the idea of building a remake around Jaden and setting the new film in China. Jaden's performance in The Pursuit of Happyness blew us away and we later found out that he's a serious martial arts student. The fit couldn't be more perfect. We're honored to have the opportunity to shoot the new version of this film in China and we can't wait to get underway next year."

Lassiter added, "The original Karate Kid tapped into a universal theme: that you can become a great fighter outside, but it means nothing without training the mind inside. Those lessons are just as relevant and true today as they were in 1984, and we look forward to bringing this story to a new generation."

Weintraub said, "I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to continue this series. The Karate Kid remains close to my heart and I couldn't be more overjoyed by the opportunity to work with Jaden, James and Will. I believe we have a terrific new story to explore and one that will completely surprise and delight fans who are familiar with these films."

Jaden Smith is the 10 year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He made his feature film debut co-starring with his father in The Pursuit of Happyness. He will next be seen in The Day the Earth Stood Still.


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Will Smith’s Search For Mr. Miyagi Continues As ‘Karate Kid’ Remake Moves To China

Will Smith normally appears in action films that feature aliens and big explosions, but with his son Jaden’s forthcoming starring role in a remake of the ‘Karate Kid’, the whole family may soon become synonymous with martial arts as well.

Though Smith Jr. is locked in for the Ralph Macchio role, a key character is yet to be cast, that of Daniel’s wise sensei. “We don’t have a Mr. Miyagi yet,” Smith told MTV News. “There’s a couple of people that we’re really intrigued by, but I don’t want to say any names because I’ll be in trouble.”

Interestingly, though the original movie was set in the United States, the new version will take place in China, and that means key characters will change with it. “We’re making it with the China Film Group, so it’ll be based in Beijing. Mr. Miyagi was originally Japanese, so there’ll be a Chinese adaptation to it.”

But wait, isn’t karate a Japanese martial art in the first place?

“Fortunately, karate is originally a Chinese art form, so that’s the area we’re playing around in.” (Ed. Note: Though karate was developed in Japan, it is based upon Kenpō, a Chinese fighting style.)

So readers, who do you think would make for a good Miyagi? Jet Li? Jackie Chan? Chow Yun-Fat? Or perhaps someone a bit less obvious, like Tony Leung? Or maybe flip the gender, and go for Lucy Lui or Michelle Yeoh? Let us know!


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Jackie Chan to star in 'The Karate Kid' remake

Jaden Smith has found himself a mentor. Jackie Chan will take on Pat Morita's Mr. Miyagi role in Sony Pictures' remake of The Karate Kid. The movie stars 10-year old Smith (The Pursuit of Happyness), who is the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and will be directed by Harold Zwart (The Pink Panther 2). Will's production company, Overbrook, will produce, and Jada has been rumored for the role of Jaden's mother in the film. China Film Corp. Group will coproduce the movie, which will shoot entirely in China.


I knew it!

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Karate Kid’ Ralph Macchio Breaks Silence On Will Smith Remake

We all know a “Karate Kid” remake starring Will Smith’s son Jaden is coming. We all know that some people are unsure that this is a good thing. But still, even as the project has been rendered wobbly with controversy, Ralph Macchio refuses to sweep the leg.



“Listen, here’s my take on it,” the 80’s icon told MTV News on Sunday, making his first-ever public statements addressing the remake of the film that made him famous. “I think Jaden - you know, Will Smith’s kid - the kid’s got chops. He’s young; he’s like eleven…That story will work forever, when well-told. So, it makes sense in that respect.”

Without offering to teach young Smith-san to catch a fly with chopsticks, however, Macchio was eager to offer a bit of teacher-like advice: “From my personal view, the filling the void of what Mr. Miyagi was - and the magic of that character - is going to be the toughest task,” he said of the potential landmines to be tiptoed around by Smith, his producer/dad, writer Chris Murphy and “Pink Panther 2” director Harald Zwart. “I (also) don’t know where the romantic story-arc goes (with Smith’s Daniel) at that age.”

Macchio, in Park City to publicize his Slamdance flick “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead,” added that friends have been sending him the latest news about the Smith remake ever since it was announced.

“(The ‘Karate Kid’ remake is) going to be interesting, from the respect that I think if they intend on copying some of the elements that are still present now (it won’t be easy),” Macchio said of the original film’s classic moments. “Reruns of the movie play a lot on television, so the now-generation knows it. It’s not like ‘Ocean’s 11′. When they remade that, no one had seen the other one in thirty years.”

Still, as a veteran actor who hopes to direct his first feature film soon, the 47-year-old icon insisted he can’t help but put some thought into how remaking such a beloved film could work – if at all. “If they separate themselves from (the original) but still hold true to the human message behind the movie,” he reasoned. “I think that story could last forever.”

Macchio also shared his thoughts with us on the casting of Jackie Chan, whether he’ll do a cameo, and the vocal outrage of sites like “Defamer” that have been vocal in criticizing the project. Stay tuned, as we’ll be posting those follow-ups soon.

How do you feel about the thoughts of the original Daniel-san? Will there always be one “Karate Kid,” or are you willing to make room for another?

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Will Smith Calls Original Karate Kid for Advice

Will Smith gave Ralph Macchio quite the surprise recently, calling the Karate Kid star out of the blue to talk about his remake of the 1984 film. Smith's a producer on the updated kickfest, and his son Jaden is set to star.

"It was very cool," Macchio tells E! News. "He called and said, 'Would you mind getting on the phone with my son?' I felt like Yoda to young Skywalker."

The original Daniel-san, who currently has a guest spot on ABC's Ugly Betty, said Jaden was "adorable and completely respectful and excited. I just told him to have fun. That was my advice."

Macchio also says he might have talked a bit too "candidly" when he first spoke out about the remake in January...

At the time, Macchio said that he would not be involved with the remake and that he wasn't sure about the casting of Jackie Chan as Mr. Miyagi, originally played by the late Pat Morita.

But today Macchio told us, "I spoke too candidly about that at first. Look, I will look at anything that crosses the desk on it. But I really think for the sake of the connection to those films and certainly the original film, I think that they're going to want to create their own version of it that is its own thing."

He also said that a cameo doesn't interest him.

"If it was a character, a written role, I would not turn away looking at that," he told us. "I support them making their own hit franchise."


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Jackie Chan: 'Karate Kid remake to be called The Kung Fu Kid'

Watch Video here!


Thu, 26 Mar 2009 4:36p.m.

Jackie Chan has confirmed he will star in the upcoming remake of 80s martial arts classic The Karate Kid.

Speaking to 3 News reporter Kate Rodger in Hong Kong, Chan also said the film's name will be changed.

"They don't want to call it Karate Kid any more," says Chan. "They want to call it The Kung Fu Kid."

The movie is being produced by Will Smith and will feature his son Jayden Smith as Danny Larusso, the role that turned Ralph Macchio into a star.

Chan says he will play Mr Miyagi, and shooting will begin after he finishes his current film, Big Soldier.



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Exclusive : Who's Who in The Karate Kid?

I'm about as excited by the idea of a "Karate Kid" remake as I am of contracting the Swine Flu - but nevertheless I'm curious about the film, and have been following its progress (namely the casting) rather closely.

I think what's intriguing about this one - and this could work in it's favour, I guess - is that producer Will Smith seems intent on not remaking John G.Avildsen's 1984 classic but simply ‘getting jigging with' it's template; sort of making a film that plays eerily similar to the Pat Morita-classic, but not that close.

And if that's right, then it might just pass muster.

If there's one thing that stinks about most of today's remakes it's that they're merely retreads of the original. If there's a reason to remaking something, like, say, you're going to reinterpret it, then maybe, just maybe, it's worth doing - like, say, Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake, which I don't have a problem with at all (well, maybe I have a problem with the last 30 mins, which is merely a Xerox of John Carpenter's film). Still, as different as this new version, written by Chris Murphy, may be, I think there'll still be a few folks up-in-arms about it - largely people with the surname 'Macchio', 'Kove', 'Zabka' and 'Kamen'.

I got to chat with a couple of folks that are working on the upcoming "Karate Kid" (and yes, as of today, it's still called "The Karate Kid" despite rumours it'd be retitled "The Kung Fu Kid" - which would make sense, considering it's Kung-Fu, not Karate, that our hero learns in the film) about just how ‘different' a film this'll be from the Ralph Macchio-Pat Morita movie.

Well firstly, the story is essentially the same - kid forced to move with his mother to a new city. Gets beat up by some Bullies. Maintenance man teaches him martial-arts - but this one, being set in China, does play to a slightly different beat.

Here's the storyline:

Sherry is offered a transfer to China. Considering the U.S office is about to lay off everyone, it's really her only choice; especially since nobody else at the office has been offered a transfer. With her young son Dre (Jaden Smith) in tow, the single-mother makes Beijing her new home. Needless to say, not knowing Chinese, and experiencing a bit of culture shock, they both find it a little hard to settle in - - Dre especially.

Like Daniel Larusso in the original film, Dre (who, unlike Larusso, is a skateboarding video-game buff) immediately catches the attention of the local bullies - in particular, Lui Wei Cheng. And before too long, Dre is going home with bruises (he tries to hide a black-eye under a cap by pulling it as far down his face as he can) and whining about wanting to return to the states.

Dre's enrolled into a strict Beijing Middle School. His first day there is a bit of a shambles - the assistant principal spots his bruises, and assumes he's been fighting (which, of course, they don't accept under any circumstances), and he turns up in a school uniform, something he didn't have to wear that day (there's only certain days when a uniform is required).

The Mr Myiagi character is actually named Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). He's the maintenance man of the apartment lock that Sherry and Dre have moved into, and meets the new residents when he's called over to fix their hot water service. From the bathroom, Han spots Dre practicing martial-arts kicks (unsuccessfully) in front of a video-game, and catches his black eye. Later, of course, he'll agree to teach him - both martial-arts and the Chinese language (so he can impress his mother by haggling over apples).

The ‘John Kreese' character - the character played by Martin Kove in the original film - is Li Quan Ha, the owner of the Fighting dragon school of Kung-Fu. One visit to the school - in which Li Quan terrorizes his students (who range from the age of 3 onwards), namely Lui Wei Cheng - and Dre is immediately put off.

Oh, and yes, there's a love interest - someone mother wants Dre to bring home for dinner.

"The film has a similar tone to the original movie", I'm told. "There are a lot of funny lines - mainly delivered by Jackie Chan. It is actually a good script though, very good in fact. It's different enough to be considered its own beast too".

We shall find out next year, when "The Karate Kid" is released!


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EXCLUSIVE: Taraji P. Henson To Play Mom in The Karate Kid Remake

We keep hearing sudden bursts of news about Will Smiths remake of The Karate Kid, then the project seems to quiet down for awhile. Now, a new actor has signed on to star alongside Smiths son and shes a red-hot Oscar nominee coming off The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Im off to Beijing [soon] to work on a film, actress Taraji P. Henson revealed to us Sunday afternoon on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards. Theyre remaking The Karate Kid.

The controversial remake of the Eighties classic is rumored to be called Kung Fu Kid, although Henson referred to the film by its original title. Will Smith is producing the project, which will cast his real life son and Pursuit of Happyness co-star in the role originally played by Ralph Macchio. When we caught up with Macchio a few months back, he expressed cautious interest in the project.

Benjamin Button star Henson, who played Brad Pitts adoptive mom Queenie in that film, will once again tap into her maternal instincts for Kung Fu Kid or whatever its called, playing Jaden Smiths mother. According to reports, Hensons character is a single mother named Sherry who is forced to move with her son to China in order to keep her job.

Jaden Smith - Will and Jadas son - is playing the karate kid. Im playing his mom, she explained. And Jackie Chan is playing Mr. Miyagi.

Mr. Miyagi role had been changed to the name Mr. Han although Fast Times at Ridgemont High fans would undoubtedly get a bigger laugh if the latter name was kept.

Henson is currently hard at work on the Steve Carrell/Tina Fey comedy Date Night, and shell be flying to Beijing to shoot Karate Kid as soon as shes done with that film. Stay tuned; if Henson is soon off to start shooting, then we can expect more casting to be announced soon.



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